Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrifting…..Part II

Hopefully, this weekend I will be able to get some pictures…it is supposed to be sunny and maybe I can get some decent pictures.  I did go back and pick up my chair and I also got another rug for the dining room.  So I have actually gotten something done…it takes a village…

I wanted to share some additional pictures I took on our jaunt a couple of weeks ago.  Funny thing…I went back to Trussville Antique Mall last week and was going to get some of the things that were in my photos….they.were.gone!!  The basket was gone….one of the chairs was gone….the little chair was gone….  I know better than to wait….

Love this chair…..of course I do….it is checked…

22.28.12 033


22.28.12 046

22.28.12 037

I like the chippy shutter…

22.28.12 038

22.28.12 040

Love the red and black…

22.28.12 044

22.28.12 043

22.28.12 042

I did a u-turn in the street yesterday because I saw a rusty chippy red radio flyer wagon sitting outside at a yard sale when I was on my way back from lunch…

This one that I saw in a booth was $180.00…see it under the table there? Onehundredeightydollars!!! I ain’t even lyin’…

22.28.12 020

Got mine for $15….and I swear it looks just like this one….hmmmmmm…also found a cute cute cute vanity stool for $20.  I have been looking for one to put at my vanity….I will take pictures of it this weekend too..

Also, do you see the croquet mallets in the above photo?  $10 each.  a few weeks ago I saw a WHOLE SET of mallets PLUS the balls….they were all old and faded and chippy…..$5.00.  Yeah, FIVEDOLLARS!!  Did I get them?  No, I did not.  Why didn’t I"?  Go ahead…ask me, “Lou Cinda, why didn’t you buy those croquet mallets and balls for $5.00?”  BECAUSE I AM AN IDIOT!!!  I must have been smokin’ crack!!  I have kicked myself a million times over THAT one!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda ;)


  1. I really want to check it out. Is it worth me driving 3 - 1/2 hrs for? Well....even if it im sure i could visit other thrift stores and make my trip worth while

  2. Tell me you bought that chair! Love the black & white check. Have a great weekend, Lou Cinda!

  3. Well, you shouldn't kick yourself over that croquet set because you made up for it with the wagon! Love the yard sale season. It's that time isn't it? Have a nice weekend!

  4. I totally love that checked chair. Can't wait to see what all you found. I have learned that if I like it, buy it. Hugs, Marty

  5. LouCinda,
    You CRACK me up!!! I know what you mean...I've left a few treasures to come back and find someone else had aquired my GREAT taste. . .and MY treasures! Ha! Like Marty said..if you like it...get it! "Get it before it gets away" should be my motto; however I have so many beautiful items, I find myself, these days, really thinking before I purchase! Buying "off ~ season" like your wagon and croquet mallats will get you a better price if you have a place to store them! I'll be back to see where you put the new rug and all your newest GREAT FINDS!!!

  6. Don't we all kick ourselves over that "I should have got it" item, Lou Cinda! Don't beat yourself up. Well, maybe over the chair or the croquet set. : ) Who knows, you may find something better and at a better price somewhere down the road. I'll be watching for those pictures!

  7. I know how you feel, on more than one occasion This has happed to me, It's ok next you'll get it.Thaks for sharing.

  8. I LOVE the checked chair! And I love radio flyer wagons as well, rusty ones! And I am cracking up because I have not one, but TWO croquet sets, LOL! Loving your blog and going to look around some more :)

  9. I can't beleive a mean old somebody took the things you wanted! I hate when that happens - and it happens a lot around here!!
    Way to go finding a Radio Flyer on the side of the road. U-turns happen a lot around here too!
    But...Lucinda-Why didn't you buy those croquet mallets and balls for $5.00????? :)

  10. I too enjoy shopping in Trussville! Dont you hate when you get a syked about something you found and go back to find that it is gone. UGH! Just did that at Hanna's Antique Mall in B'ham with a vintage seamstress dress form. WE know better, but always looking for a better deal! Oh well, live and learn. Thanx for sharing! Tiffany

  11. Not only do I love that chair in the first pic, but I love everything that goes along with it!!

  12. You are too funny....and should have bought those croquet mallets and balls!! Have you seen what they created out of those in Flea Market Style magazine? You got a great buy on the wagon!!
    Have a great weekend.

  13. I am seriously drooling over all of the fantastic things you found! And woman, WHY didn't you buy those croquet mallets???? HAHA!

  14. hahaha, yeah, when it comes to that, we've all been idiots.
    Welcome to the club.

  15. What can I say, you are the Queen of good deals!

    Love the chair!


  16. Awesome find on that wagon!!


  17. You feisty little shopper you!!! What a deal for the wagon....don't cha just love when that happens????


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