Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Christmas Shots

Okay, new camera…..idiot photographer = whoa!  What does that thingy do?  140 page manual….Seriously?  Anyhoo….I took a few shots just playing with it to see what I think….











LOVE his face!  I won this from Margaret at The French Bear a couple of years ago…and I sO SO love him….she is amazing….




And Cameron and Malory – Christmas Dance…yeah, cut the top of Cameron’s head off :0!!


So……what do you think?  Better pictures??  Let me know what you think….I have MUCH to learn!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas and are just in “chill” mode….Me?  NOT!!!  Still wide open as a peanut hull!!  I plan to be done by Sunday…. ;)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love all of the wonderful little details - Frosty's hat and the bottle brush tree in the pink and white cup.
    Your photographs look great - Cameron and Mallory look so nice.
    Merry Christmas

  2. I remember when I got my new camera, Lou Cinda! What a difference in the pictures from my point and shoot. Yours are looking good; as you play with the different settings and all you'll find you don't know how you got along without it! Cameron and Mallory look great ~ they make a beautiful couple.

  3. Hi Lou Cinda, your pictures looks great and your son and his girlfriend are a beautiful couple!

    Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Christmas.


  4. Great photos.. what camera did you get

  5. I officially got through with my shopping at about 12:45 this afternoon. I think the photos are very good. I need a new camera myself and would love to know what you got and any pointers you might have. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  6. I think your pictures are great! I have put off getting a new camera simply for the fact that I HATE manuals! I haven't even read the one on the camera I'm using now and there are a lot of things I could be doing differently!

    I love your Santa collection! You have so many cool ones. I like the red Adirondack chair, too!!

    Merry Christmas, Lou Cinda!


  7. Your pictures turned out great. What kind of camera did you get.. I love the picture with the tree in the cup... the kids pictures are priceless... Happy Holidays. hugs ~lynne~

  8. One of my New Year's plans is to learn more about my camera. And it's NOT new! LOL! Very frustrating when all your want to do is be creative not read a manual. I'm like you, still SOOO much to do before this weekend. I'm getting there but still a lot to do.
    Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas!

  9. The little peeks make me smile out loud...especially the one of your handsome son!
    As good as these photos are, when you get that manual're gonna be hard to top.
    P.S. I am so stealing the peanut hull on it!

  10. So much fun getting a new camera - not so fun learning how to use it. I've had mine for 2 years and still don't know why I can't take a good pic. What a gorgeous couple in that last pic! Ya know, my oldest's name is Mallory! Merry Christmas!

  11. Lou Cinda I love your Christmas touches!

    The new camera thingy is so much fun. I got mine last Christmas and I've read and read. Trouble is if I don't do something soon after reading it, I forget it!

    Well, Craig was searching Craigs List and found a DVD that went along with my camera! Who knew they made these? Not me or I would have had one long ago! He got the DVD for $5. The woman said it came with a camera bag she bought but didn't go with her camera. She said she bought a DVD that goes with her camera for $29.95. The DVD title says Nikon School on it.

    I can't wait to watch it. Don't know what kinda of camera you have, but I would be searching for a DVD. I always learn better if someone is telling me something rather than reading it!

    Good luck with the camera, don't be to afraid. Doesn't matter if you mess up with digital cameras you can just erase your mess! Have fun!

    Merry Christmas!


  12. Your photos are fabulous! Love your Christmas decor....Christine

  13. Lou Cinda,
    Adore all your Christmas photos! If you haven't read the manual and you're already getting quality photos...all I can say is...they can only get better. Go ahead and laugh. I'm a manual reader! Yes, ma'am! Everytime we get a new appliance...I read the manual! EnJOY your new camera! I believe the phrase,"Practice makes perfect"! is a great one to live by! Merry Christmas!

  14. Well look at you go with your new camera and your photography skills. I must admit that I see more vivid color and details with the new camera. Must be all those mega pixels and such! You just have a gift for all the small details in your decorating. Love all your vestive decor for Christmas. I noted that you saved your best work for the last photo ....Mal and Cameron look so cute!
    Happy Photo Shooting!

  15. Your camera's photos look awesome!
    I am hoping Santa will bring me a camera this year. Mine is starting to die and when you turn it on, the shutter only opens halfway...have to use my fingers to pry it open the rest of the way!

    Love your style and all your sweet collections.

    Merry Merry Christmas!

    Your graphics along the edges are over the moon fab!

  16. Great Pictures, Great Christmas Decorations, and Great looking couple! :)

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  17. I'm sorry to be so late getting here to see your holiday decor. I think it looks wonderful and the photos are great. Crisp and clear and even my eyes can see them well..
    Love the tree in the jar, thats adorable.

    Very handsome couple there too.
    I hope your holidays were bright and filled with joy.
    Sonny~155 Dream Lane

  18. Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas! Your pictures are beautiful as always.

  19. Hi Lou Cinda, I think your photography with your new camera is amazing. I got a new camera for my birthday this past October and just got a new lens for a Christmas gift. Boy oh boy it sure is a learning experience but I have been so into photography over the last 10 years I really needed a better camera. I would love to take a class... what kind of camera did you receive?

  20. Hey, Sugar! I loved seeing all of your Christmas goodies. I have always liked your pictures, and these look great to me!

    And look at Cameron and Malory! How adorable they are!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and that your New Year will be especially happy, my friend.

    Love you and am SO thankful to have my 'puter back. Yea!


    Sheila :-)

  21. Your photos already look great, Lou Cinda! What kind of a camera did you get? I got the "go ahead" from hubby to get a new one, now I just have to figure out what kind. New Year's blessings my dear!

  22. I think they look great! I got my camera back in October and I still haven't figured the darn thing out.....It scares the poop outta me...Isn't that silly? The booklet with it is like 3000 pages long and I don't want to read it *winks*...which I'm sure is obvious in the quality of my pictures! Lol! However I do have "potential"
    So yeah I wanna know too what kind of camera did you get? And do you love it? Give us a post one it girlfriend! *winks* Vanna


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