Monday, December 12, 2011

The Tree…

I thought I would post some pictures of my Christmas tree this year….as with the mantel I changed things up a little this year….didn’t spend much moolah, just bought a couple of spools of tulle to use as garland….


It’s mostly red and white….






From the front door looking into the den…



So glad to report that “The Sadie” has not bothered the tree at all….I was seriously concerned when I walked into the den to find her sitting amongst the branches when I had put it up sans decorations….but since it has been adorned she has not touched it….she is such a good girl…..HA!  When she is asleep ;)


She is a fluffy little thing….for those of you who don’t know, she was a rescue from the pound…

I have some photos of the front porch which I will post later this week….thank you for stopping by :)

I am linking up to the Christmas Tree Party at Midwestern Sewing Girl!  Please stop by the party!

Lou Cinda


  1. Your tree looks so pretty, Lou Cinda! I love how magical it looks with all the lights and tulle you used. Looking forward to seeing your porch!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Your tree looks like it is suspended a white cloud! You did good, girl! Can't wait to see your porch!


  3. Wonderful shots of the tree at night. That is when they look the best. Cute kitty.

  4. Your tree is just stunning all a glow Lou Cinda! I love the tulle and red ribbon... it's just gorgeous:)
    Hugs, Sherri

  5. Your tree is beautiful! Isn't it amazing how much Christmas trees have changed in our lifetime? You know, the decorating of them. I look back at old black and white pics of mine from childhood and they were short, fat and lots of tinsel. All of the trees I see in blogland look like they were decorated by professionals, including yours! Very pretty as is your little kitty!~Hugs, Patti

  6. Oh Lou Cinda you tree looks absolutely amazing! Love it!

  7. Your tree is beautiful Lou Cinda! I love the red with the white tulle. Not only is your tree up but you have gifts under your tree already. I haven't wrapped one gift yet...maybe tomorrow. Can't wait to see your porch.

    Enjoy your evening,

  8. Oh Lou Cinda! This is my kind of tree...I love the colors & all of the wonderful lights! What an absolutely stunning tree...thank you so so much for sharing it at my Christmas tree linky!!!

  9. Splendiferous! I'm a sucker for red at Christmas and you did a beautiful job making it merry merry.
    Good kitty...she's knows which side her catnip is buttered on.

  10. Lou Cinda your tree is so pretty and kitty looks like she is enjoying all the pretties! I was sitting at my desk with I saw my tree sway and was wondering if we were having another earthquake. About that time my kitty Mickey came out from under the tree!

    bee blessed

  11. Lou should be a stylist! This looks like a tree in the window of Macy's! It really is pretty! Sorry I missed your mantel, I bet it is gorgeous, too!

    Sadie really is a pretty kitty. Sounds like she is going to behave this Christmas! ;-D


  12. Gorgeous tree! I did the same thing this year. Just added a little tulle. Love the billowy softness it adds.
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Lou Cinda your tree is lovely! I so enjoy looking at your posts of Christmas Decor. Your things are truly works of art. You my dear should be a room stylist. I just love the beautiful glow of the Christmas lights in a room it is just so festive! Thanks for sharing!
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  14. All of your Christmas finery is gorgeous! I love the white tulle on the tree.
    Hope your family has a very blessed and safe Christmas.

  15. Hi Lou Cinda! I don't know why I wasn't already a follower, but I am now! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I'm glad that I got to see your and white is my favorite Christmas color combination!

    What a beautiful cat Sadie is! Many years ago, when my husband and I were newly married, our cat would climb the Christmas tree. I remember once coming home and seeing his cat eyes peering out at me in the tree amongst the branches. It wasn't funny at the time, but it sure is now! Happy holidays!

  16. Your tree is so beautiful, LouCinda. I really like how you stuck to your red and white theme on the tree and gorgeous mantel (<3 the feathers!). It looks both fun and elegant.

  17. Your tree is gorgeous, Lou Cinda!I love how the white tulle glows with the lights on!

  18. Lou Cinda,
    The tulle on your tree adds such a softness! Stunning! Sadie is really growing beautiful. Makes my heart pine for our Maurice!

  19. I love how your cat looks at you.


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