Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TMI?? I think not…

Now all of us women….at some point in our lives….sooner or later….will have….”the” menopause…well, I am so sad to say that that time for me….is now….it is upon me!  The night sweats, the hot flashes, insomnia…all of that I can pretty much handle….what I have had the biggest problem with is….the MOOD SWINGS!!  LORD HAVE MERCY people!!  My emotions are ALL OVER the flippin map!  There is no rhyme or reason for it…..I NEED a reason for it…but, alas, there is none!

I will go from happy go lucky….to a hot mess of tears in the blink of an eye…or even WORSE….I will be madder than a wet hen…I ain’t EVEN lyin’…I HATE this! 

Case in point…

My girlfriend Jamie and I left Saturday morning and went shopping in search of fabric, and various other treasures…and I was unable to accomplish all of the “chores” that I do every Saturday…..On my way home, some 4 hours later, I called the hubster, a/k/a Steve, and said, “did you get anything done around there today?”…I could hear the apprehension in his voice…because these days he never knows what will either (a) send me into a fit of tears or (b) make me livid….he said, “well…no… I didn’t know you wanted me to do anything…..” (insert eye roll here) so, I just said… “ whatever”….yeah, he hates when I say that.

When I got home I could tell that he had literally hurled himself off the couch and ran, at breakneck speed, to the bedroom wherein, he “attempted” to make the bed….honestly, I wish I had taken a photo of that….looked like he had made it with his feet!  WHAT IS  UP WITH THAT!!!  I said nothing…I am maintaining control….I just redid the bed and then…

I dusted, vacuumed, swept, threw a load of clothes in the wash, cleaned up the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned both bathrooms AND blew off the sidewalk and driveway…..every time I walked past the den where Steve was sitting watching FOOTBALL I would just pause and “look”  :|  at him….I’m telling you the look on his face is just priceless….he is nervous…

Okay, so I did good, held it together, did not launch into a tirade about everyone should be pitching in and I do MORE than my fair share, and I am not a maid….yadda yadda yadda…did not do any of that…no I did not….

Fast forward to Sunday….we went to church…emotions still in tact….doing good….after church we come home and I cleaned out all the bottom cabinets in my kitchen….I don’t know why….it’s a sickness…then I decided to make stuffed bell peppers for supper….I LOVE them….my mother used to make them for me…but they do require some prep work, they are not a one pot dinner….so I am saute’ing hamburger and garlic and chopping onions and cooking the rice and adding this and that and coring the peppers and then I parboil them for 3 minutes so they will be soft….take them out of boiling water….drain….stuff them with deliciousness and bake them for 30 minutes….smells divine….I am so excited….

I tell Steve dinner is ready….he comes in the kitchen….gets a plate….takes one of my beloved stuffed peppers and…

are you ready for it…

DUMPS the stuffing out on his plate and throws the bell pepper….IN THE TRASH CAN! 

SERIOUSLY????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????  The bell pepper that I had cut and cored and boiled and hovered over and stuffed…..yeah those!

I look at him and say, very calmly,  “did you just throw that bell pepper in the trash?”  The “look” comes over his face again….”did you want it?”  he says….. ”I don’t like bell peppers.”  LORD.HAVE.MERCY!!  How in the World did I end up with a picky eater????

Well, folks, that was it…..the straw that broke this proverbial camel’s back………the hormones unleashed and I launched into one of my world famous TIRADES!!!  SHUT.UP!! I did!!  And then burst into tears because seriously….I do not know who this woman is that is dwelling within the confines of my body….”The Menopause” is kicking my ARSE!

My GYN told me last month that it lasts for ten years…….TEN…YEARS…….Isn’t.that.Special?

All I can say is….the men in my household better don some armor because….this is going to be a LONG ten years!

Just Sayin’



  1. I am totally cracking up here!! I did not have too bad of symptoms thank goodness. I did have some hot flashes, but nothing unbearable. I had mild mood swings and that was about it. I am through it finally and did not take any prescription hormones. I took black cohosh that you can get over the counter and it helped with my hot flashes. You may need some hormones though. Have fun!!

  2. I'm right. there. with. you!!! My BFF from childhood had the nerve the other day to tell me she hadn't had a period in three months. I thought I would cry at that one too. Just an emotional mess here.

  3. I'm sorry to tell you I'm coming up on my 11th year of menopause! I took hormones for a year but they didn't seem to help so I thought whats the use in risking the side affects! I've been cold turkey for 10 years now!
    I can tell that I have started to calm down some, but I can be a total _itch! Good luck!

  4. Where in the world did your gyno get the info that "it" lasts 10 years?! Is this a man? OMG
    I think we need an entire bitch session on the subject! LOL

  5. I know it isn't funny but you have me cracking up! I'm sitting here thinking who do I want to share this post with! And I can so hear some of my relatives saying "The menopause"! LOL! In a stage whisper!!!

  6. 10 years? Well, I guess I missed that part of menopause..maybe 10 months, then I was over it, sweats, nausea, mood swings, all of it. As to tossing the pepper in the garbage...that is what I would have done, too, as I can't stand to bite into a slimy squishy cooked pepper! I love the flavor they impart but not a cooked pepper itself.

  7. Oh...you made me laugh. I was so like that with my mood swings. I "caught" menopause early so it was a surprise and a nasty one at that. For the hot flashes I had HRT but since I really hate meds, went off it after a year and I haven't had one since.

    Whether you are menopausal or not, you deserve a rant when your man does nothing around the house.


  8. I was in tears reading your post about menopause. I can see you giving Steve "the look" as he tries to avoid making eye contact. You are so funny! I hate to break this to you my friend but I am on my 12th year with the menopause issue. I am so bad that my husband will go and get the hormone prescription refilled for me. Ugh!!!! The night sweats are awful.

  9. Sister...I am right there with ya!!! I feel your pain...10 years...oh no...our hubs are in for it...poor guys!!! Now you tell Steve that I would eaten that BELL PEPPER!!!! I will say...you gave me a wonderful laugh and I needed it.


  10. OMG, Lou Cinda, you kill me! : ) I've got some mood swings and I cry at commercials sometimes, but I haven't had any night sweats/hot sweats. I am quicker to anger than in the past and I have no patience whatsoever. I thought I was starting peri-menopause a few years ago but my doctor kept saying I was too young {at 42}. For awhile there I was having night sweats but I just wore lighter pajamas and put the ceiling fan on at night. Then it stopped. It will be hard for me to tell for sure when I'm going through it fully because I had a partial hysterectomy 3 years ago. So while I asked the doctor to save an ovary, if he could, so I didn't come out of anesthesia in full blown menopause, I still get hormonal! I'm just going to tell my husband to get out of the house while he still can if I feel a mood coming on.

  11. Lou Cinda,
    You poor girl!! Notice I said girl?:)I went through my menopause at 45!! I know just how you are feeling. You feel like you're just going to lose it, huh? Control over everything. I looked online and found about 35 symptoms of which I had about oh, 25! And went to my doctor and told him I thought I was going through menopause. He said no, you're too young. I said I think I know my own body! Well, he took a blood test and told me that if I was, he would call me in the morning. Guess what? He called me at 9 in the morning and said oh yeah, you're definitely going through menopause! I said, yeah, I know! I never took anything for it. But you know what? My menopause only lasted a year! That was it! Hooray! So don't worry, not everyone goes that long, honey. I will pray for you. It will be okay, I promise. :)
    hugs and blessings to you,

  12. Everyone is different Lou Cinda...I have heard that too. You may have subtle changes and things you notice through the years leading up to and during and after....somedays are worse than others, believe me! I notice i can not tolerate humidity anymore. My head is full of sweat glands that were never previously there! I am so thankful the hot weather has passed! Hang in there and know that you are in good company. xx, Patti

  13. I'm so sorry, but I am cracking up, I am. What great therapy to write it all down and so well! Your hubby will get with the program, I promise! Your stuffed peppers sounded divine! Hang in there, I'll be back, I love your blog. I'm a newbie!


  14. Been there, done that! I'm close to that 10 yr mark, and so far, the mood swings are still with me. I'm afraid I've just grown so accustomed to them that I've learned to love them, and I may never give them up! I was lucky to not have much problem with hot flashes, etc. Maybe I just used the big M as an excuse to let my moods swing all over creation! Hang in there LouCinda (and her family too). I do think the trashing of the bell pepper called for a tirade (menopause or not). Of course, I also think the TV watching husband called for a tirade. So, now you know how bad my husband has it! Great post! laurie

  15. omg. you should probably email me immediately because i am sort of an expert at 'approaching menopause in the least dignified manner possible' as i have experienced EXTREME symptoms for 3 years and counting. I FEEL YOU. do not beat yourself up about this and HANG ON TO THAT SENSE OF HUMOR because you may need it like i do. and also the Bible, Jesus, cool prescriptions, and friends who are still more messed up than you (shhhhhh!).


  16. Oh My GOSH, Lou Cinda.
    Your post is just cracking me UP!

    First, I think we are married ti the same exact man. He works all week and does NOTHING when he is home on the weekend unless I ASK him to!

    I had one week last year that I cried for one week straight. All day on and off for no real reason. It passed thank the high heavens, but I know my time is coming too!

    My most favorite meal in the world is stuffed green peppers too! It is a lot of work, and my kids won't eat the peppers so I have to make a separate casserole of just "porcupine meatballs" just for them. PICKY teens!

    I am rightbehind you, Lou Cinda. My days are coming soon. Glad to know I will be in good company. :)


  17. OK, Lou Cinda, hold it together. I'm in the midst of it. I think what was already there is just magnified. Things that only slightly anoyed you, drive you crazy. The hot flashes aren't so bad anymore, but I don't recognize my body. Keep sharing. You have kindred spirits here.

  18. You poor thing! I dread menopause. And I sure didn't know it could last for 10 years! This is depressing news. At least you've managed to keep a sense of humor! Good luck!

  19. Oh, Linda, don't get mad at me now but I've laughed so hard I'm in tears. hahahaha I can laugh, you know, because I go through the same thing. I especially love the phrase "breakneck speed" and can only imagine his look when you called. hahaha I have to share this with my husband.
    If this helps AT ALL, I find that keeping things simple is best. Simplicity is now my middle name. Less is best after all. Say no to anything you don't need to do or any place you don't need to be at. I haven't noticed a temper thing too much with me but I do get overwhelmed. If you see me in a store, I'm the one with the zombie daze. ;) B12 helps too.

    Anywho, I SO look forward to visiting. Added you to my sidebar.
    Enjoy your weekend. And I'll take that bell pepper. :)

  20. Bless your heart!!! I needed a good laugh. I'm not laughing at you, mind you... 'cause I'm right there with you. I have been dealing with the night sweats for years, I will wake up with the sheets soaked from the top of my head to my ankles - bleh! Hot mess fits? yeah, I have those too... I can deal with that... if ONLY the great LORD HAVE MERCY would just take these monthly cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and flippin' periods! I swear! I feel like I'm a good 5 years into "the menopause", and I have paid my dues to the Monthly Warden... so I say "Quit teasin' me, Menopause, and let's get this thing overwith!"

    Know what I mean?
    I feel ya girlfriend!

  21. 10 yrs, really???? Hubs and the boys might disown me by then. I feel your pain. I'm right there with you. When I asked my GYN she told me I was to young but then gave her ALL of my symptoms and yes I am officially what they call PRE-MENOPAUSAL. I say nothing PRE about it, I'm in menopause.

  22. Girl, I feel your pain! For the past year I have been going through symptoms. I will be 46, and I do believe it is happening. It seems every other month is when I get the mood swings. I was laughing about the looks, and the mad dash to make the bed. My husband has done the same thing LOL. Thank God he is a patient man, and does not have a temper, because sometimes I don't like myself, how do I expect him too. This month seems to be my OK month. Good luck to you, we get through it.

  23. First of all menopause or not...throw that flipping pepper in the trash?!?!...does he not know how to cut things up and spread them around on the plate.....I learned that in kindergarden. Second....he better learn how to cope for the next 10 years and I mean do WHATEVER it takes to keep you happy or he might find his life cut short by a decade or so........Lucky for me, it did not last 10 years and I never went on any hormones or medication....not saying I wasn't a bitch for a while though :)

  24. OK, you gotta keep the stories coming cause it may keep alot of middle aged women from going over the edge. I know you have kept me from going over the edge for the past hmmmmmm thirty-two and a half years. ;)jfw


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