Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Little More Fall…

I have a few more fall touches around the house that I thought I would share….

You have seen this vignette before in my kitchen, I just added a pumpkin or two, some tiny flower pots and a pinecone…







On my island….simplistic



The potpourri in the basket is THE BEST smelling stuff EVER…they sell it at TJ Maxx and it is AWESOME!!  I picked up the wire basket there too and just dumped it in…



All fallish colors…



the table…





I love this runner….picked it up in an antique mall for $8…



LOVE this fabric!  I would like to have just YARDS AND YARDS of it!!  And those little covered buttons!!!  I am a gingham FREAK!!  I ain’t lyin’…it draws me in like a moth to a flame…



The mantel….



I got these great books from my sweet friend Sharon… :)









Sharon and I love these little oil cans…she has a BIG one that I covet!







This crazy cat comes out every year at this time….I had him with my kids were little and they just loved him….I wish they were still little :(



Sweet Chloe….my 17 year old cat is loving these cool fall temps…she loves to snooze on the sofa on the deck :)  I don’t know what  I will do when I lose her….




That’s it for me today!  Thank you so much for stopping by!!  We have some upcoming events scheduled!  Sharon and I are going to Atlanta at the end of the month to the Country Living Fair!  I am SO excited!  If you are planning on being there, please let me know….I would love to meet up :)

Hope you have a GREAT day~!


  1. Your pictures are awesome, Lou Cinda! I especially love the night pictures...I am terrible at those. Your vignettes are so festive and pretty and I have to look out for that potpourri. Love the runner...I bet you could make something great out of that fabric!!

    Have fun at the Country Living Fair. I'd LOVE to go!!


  2. I love your fall decorations. But I have to admit, I am coveting your front door. FABULOUS! And thank you for the sweet comment you left me. It made me smile and it made my day!

  3. Good Morning, my friend... loved seeing all of your fall goodies. You just do the dickens out of a vignette. You could do this for stores, you know.

    I'm with you about gingham, and my eye went to that button immediately. SO cute. Good price on the runner, too.

    I will have to check out the potpourri at the Maxx. Thanks for the tip!

    Look at Chloe. Awwww... I can't believe she's 17! She looks like a youngster. Kind of like my cousin's new wife who is 50ish and looks 30ish. If I didn't love her so much and think she hung the moon, I might not like her! LOL! But I'm thrilled that he married her. She's a definite keeper, even though her older sister and I look like her mother! Shhhh... don't tell her sister I said that. LOL! ;-)



  4. Looks great Lou Cinda! I love how all of your decorations for Fall are so natural looking and not the bright orange color. Your litle Chloe is so sweet! She looks so comfy! Have fun at the fair...we have it in Columbus every year but I didn't make it this year.~Hugs, Patti

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

    Your Fallness is beautiful.
    I love the black and white images!

  6. Very nice! Love the white pumpkin.

  7. Some great fall touches! Love the potpourri - will have to look the next time I am in TJ Maxx. Love that store!

  8. Lou Cinda all your touches of fall is just beautiful! I love how you added the spool of twine on the mantel. That's a neat touch and I have to say....I LOVE your ROOSTER lamp!

    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Love all your touches of fall. Your silverware is very pretty, love it tied with twine. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. Glad you found me - now I have more inspiration from your blog!

  10. Everything looks so pretty! I really like those old books on your mantel along with the adorable book page wreath. It's so nice visiting everyones blogs and getting great ideas. Yours certainly doesn't disappoint!

  11. Love the fall decor especially the basket with the handle filled with natural goodies.

  12. Beautiful vignettes all Lou Cinda! You are a vignette QUEEN *winks* Love that basket with the potpourri! And I love that runner too!But I love your sweet Chloe most of all. That is one contented putty tat! Lol! Vanna

  13. Thanks so much for stopping by! We have the same tastes in roo lamps that's for sure! Yours looks great surrounded by all the fall things you have put by it...I need to do that!


  14. Forgot to say that I'm now a follower and that I love the basket filled with the popourri oh, and I also love TJMaxx!

  15. Love that runner, Lou Cinda! The detailing is really pretty on it and I would have been drawn to the buttons and rick rack, too. You are all set for Fall! I wish I could say the same. I'm going to need to pick up some pumpkins {and the mums I mentioned previously}.

  16. Love, love, love all the cute vignette's you are the Queen!!! I maintain that your pictures never do your home true justice. Everything is just so beautiful and I love your touches of fall. I aspire someday to have your decorating skills.

  17. Thanks for sharing your pretty vignettes. Sleep tight Chloe.

  18. Lovely fall decor.Hugs and wishes for a happy weekend.

  19. Gotta be serious for a moment and say beautiful fall decorating!!! Hopefully I can make it to the Counryr Living Fair....I NEED some white pumpkins.....

  20. You have some of the prettiest Fall touches around. Love that lil pumpkin with the glitter on it. Cute kitty too all snuggled up. Enjoy the weekend.

  21. loving your fall the metal basket and of course the sweet kittie!!!

  22. Your fall decor is beautiful. Love the pictures.
    My favorite is the wire basket, just love the shape. Well, the real favorite is Chloe.
    New follower,

  23. I love all of your vignettes. The still life of the books and pumpkin is awesome..I'm sure the potpourri smells great, will have my daughter stop by and pick up some for me. hugs ~lynne~

  24. I really like your decor--to me simpler is better--it goes a long way to adding a festive look w/o storing a lot of items.


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