Monday, October 10, 2011


I decided to join Rene at Cottage and Vine for her Room by Room party and today is Kitchens…

I am not finished with my kitchen, as we are going to add butcher block counter tops and a backsplash of some sort…to be determined….

When we bought our house it had oak cabinets…..I am not an oak cabinet kind of gal….


That is A LOT of doors people….A LOT!  Howevah…I painted…and painted…and painted….and spray painted the hardware oil rubbed bronze…

Then I had this…


cabinets 2

cabinets 3

THEN…I decided to spray paint the countertops…yep…took’em outside and spray painted them…black…

and I got this…




new sink and faucet…the sink was a Craigslist find….$50



Then…I decided to make new window treatments….one thing ALWAYS calls for TEN others right?

Now, I have this….





So there you have it….the progression of my kitchen….and I’m still not finished!! lol

Thank you for stopping by and be sure and check out the other party participants :)



  1. Absolutely stunning. Love the pop of red in the you!

  2. Lou Cinda I LOVE your kitchen!! And you sure have the knack for accessorizing, sooooooo pretty! Love your new curtains too! Amazing transformation, Martina

  3. It's so cute! I still can't believe you painted those cabinets yourself. You are a marvel, and the curtains look cute as can be. I like the idea of butcher block counters. We had that years ago, and I loved them.

    I am still eyeing my cabinets and thinking they need to go white, but that would mean my counters would have to change, too, and I just don't have the strength right now or the pocket book right now. I had wanted white when we bought these years ago, but the white ones at the store looked cheap, kind of plastic looking. So opted for the wood or faux wood or whatever this is. LOL! They are definitely going to be white at some point. I've got that in my head. Maybe I ought to just bite the bullet and do butcher block counters, too. I'm going to check yours out when you finish. I know I'm going to want them. Your curtains, too! LOL!


    Sheila (who is eating lots of chocolate due to stress, or that's how I justify it!)

  4. So very nice and the colors are just perfect!! Love that apple green in there.

  5. Lou Cinda...this is truly a gorgeous kitchen! What a difference that made painting the cabinets! Well done!


  6. I am so impressed with what you've done in your kitchen, Lou Cinda! I'm sure painting the cabinets was a real pain, but it was well worth it. They look great! My daughter hates her countertops and I was telling her about the Rustoleum kit for countertops but saw it the other day in HD for $148.00. Yikes! How is yours doing? Did you use regular spray paint? Your valance is gorgeous! I don't have a window in my kitchen {the condo thing} and I miss the natural light.

  7. Hi Lou Cinda, I loved your transformation before and I still love it now! I have followed you through every step of the way. You have done an amazing job.

    Enjoy your day,

  8. LouCinda, it looks great. I can't believe you spray painted the counter tops. Love your window treatment fabrics.

  9. WOW very nice. You sure have been busy. I like the new look. I'm very fond of the wood look and my cabinets are like yours was. I keep going back and forth about painting them. I love yours and others just don't know if I'm up to doing it all my self.

  10. I can't tell you how much I like how the kitchen has been transformed! What a great progression. Let us know how the countertops hold up. Did you poly them? Keep us apprised of any further fluffing! xo Sue

  11. Lou Cinda,
    I agree that's a lot of painting...I did mine years ago. Remember lying on my back to paint the insides...not sure I could do that now!!! Your kitchen is gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing...would love to see more vignettes from your countertop displays!

  12. Looks fabulous! And yes, one thing definitely calls for many others. It's never ending!

  13. It looks beautiful Lou Cinda, spray painting the counters...brilliant, love it all.

  14. Wow, that looks fabulous! What kind of paint did you use on your counters? How has it held up?

  15. Your kitchen is so charming. Great thrifty ideas. I love the way it turned out.

  16. OMGoodness! What a difference! Looks great! Love it!

  17. So how are the counters holding up? How long ago did you do this? Everything looks great!

  18. Lou Cinda, your kitchen is wonderful! I think it was so brave to spray paint your countertops. What a difference that and painting the cabinets made! I've always loved that valance you made. The combination of fabric patterns is perfect. Hard to believe you're still going to do more to this delightful kitchen. laurie

  19. Hi Lou Cinda, You were my inspiration for painting my oak cabinets white this past winter. I also did as you did and spray painted the hinges and knobs in oil rubbed bronze. I need to post some before and after pictures. I too thought about doing my counters over and now you really have me thinking yet again, lol! I can't wait for you to share with all of us the method and products you used to spray your counter tops. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen and thank you for being such an inspiration!

  20. Hi Lou Cinda...

    I'm sooo glad that you stopped by my place for a visit, sweet lady! It has been way too long since we have visited! I hope that my note is finding you and your family all doing well.

    Well my friend, it sounds like you have been one busy little bee! Ohhh my goodness...your kitchen is just GORGEOUS! What a difference...what a transformation!!! I'm with you...not a huge fan of oak cabinets so I love that you painted them white! They turned out sooo pretty! You did a great job with them! Ohh my...and I can't believe that you took the countertops off to paint them but they look fabulous as well! I love how the black countertops look with your green wall color...beautiful!!! Love your new valances too! Girl, you have completely and utterly transformed your looks FABULOUS!!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Thanks again for stopping by...I sure enjoyed your sweet note, dear lady!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  21. Your kitchen looks amazing! Those curtains are so pretty! Your displays are stunning. I can't believe you painted your countertops! I tell my customers that you can refresh your kitchen with paint on anything, with the right prep and the right paint! You did a beautiful job! Your front door entrance is very lovely and inviting also! Blessings!

  22. Looking good Lou Cinda! I'm sorry that you had a tough time linking up, but am glad that it finally worked ;)


  23. Hi Lou Cinda I just nominated you for an award see my blog:)

  24. Holy cow - what an amazing transformation. Love the Craigslist sink and the painted countertops. Everything is gorgeous! Nice work. :)

  25. This looks fabulous! You know I love the white cabinets, but the black countertops really set it off! great job!! xoxo

  26. Some homeowners who remodel or build new homes have an interest in recycled glass countertops instead of the far more traditional granite countertops for environmental reasons.

  27. The transformation you did on your kitchen is amazing! You did a splendid job!

    My cabinets are oak too, and you have just given me the courage to take them on!

    I have just become a friend and follower. I would be delighted if your would link one of your posts to Potpourri Friday. Link up starts on Thursday afternoon.

  28. It's always amazing how much those ol' oak cabinets can be improved with some white paint. Your cabinets looks great!

    It was fun catching up with you, from seeing your fall decorating to hearing about your new life cycle :) I'll pray for those men in your life, since they might need it for about the next 10 years or so. Hugs~

  29. Gosh this post had me glued to my seat!! I am in the middle of a mini remodel myself so I find it so interesting to see how others rescue their horrid kitchens!! I am amazed that you even THOUGHT of taking the counters off and spraying them! Totally thinking outside of the box on that one. I love the window treatment too, the whole kitchen is soooo cute now!

  30. I love the black tops to your kitchen sink.


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