Thursday, January 13, 2011

A lotta Snow….and some cats…

I think everyone got snow and ICE!  Hate the ice!  I heard on the news that 48 states got this stuff….we just don’t do it well down here in the South…pretty much all we have to clear the roads are some dump trucks and sand….it has been a MESS!!

We got about 8 inches….


Kinda blurry….


Sunday night when it started, Cameron and his friend Dakota came driving up in the golf cart….they had fun…


101_1701 101_1707


I know how he feels….


Bella HATES the snow….she would not step out in it…



She finally gave up and decided to take a nap…


Life is good…


Chloe and Sissie followed suit….I guess you can tell that we absolutely forbid our animals to get on the furniture….yeah right!


Bella striking another pose…


Sissie loves the vent….so warm!


Scotts was a BLAST!  I am getting that post ready, so it will be coming soon!  We are going back!

Stay Warm!!

Kisses :)


  1. Guessing we are the only ones who didn't get the snow and ice. All we got were the cold temps! I few inches of the pretty white stuff would have been nice. Can't wait to see your post about Scotts....dying over here.

  2. We got snow too....and the dreaded ice! Ick!

    Those kitties of yous are adorable!!

    Stay Warm Sweet Girl!


  3. Awwww, I love your kitties, Lou Cinda! And you can just tell how much Bella hates that white stuff, whatever it is! ;-)

    The girls look pretty cozy to me, and something tells me life will be getting back to normal soon unless the South has now become the nation's deep freeze. Let's hope not!

    Can't wait to see Scott's!

    Warm hugs from chilly Florida...


    Sheila :-)

  4. The golf cart looks like a blast in the snow!! That and some warm Bailey's and coffee and I could ride around all night!!

    SO glad you had fun at Scott's. I can't wait to see the post. And BTW, my dogs lie on the dining room table!! ;-D


  5. Can't wait to hear about Scott's. Sounds interesting. I need to make a trip to Atlanta soon. My brother lives there and I would like to have some time to visit some places. Would love to meet some fellow bloggers.

    The snow looks like so much fun. Especially the golf cart. Stay warm.

  6. Don't even talk to me about snow, Lou Cinda! My back is killing me today from clearing my driveway of the 17 inches we got! I am home again today because of it.

  7. Y'all got so much more snow than we did. Most of ours was just hard ice. Poor Jameson....he wanted to make snowmen and throw snowballs, but not possible with the ice. He played outside for a few hours and decided he had enough and didn't walk outside again....haha!

  8. We just had a dusting up here, but excuse enough to make some chili and cornbread for dinner.
    Hope yours is gone soon, too! :D

  9. I just want to come over and nap with the kitties! I love cats, but we have been catless for several years. I miss having a cat...but not the litter box! We didn't get any snow. :(


  10. We didn't get any snow here either but it sure has been cold! It was 22 when I took my little boy to school this morning. So glad that I was off work today. I came back home and got right back into my warm bed. lol I felt guilty too. :) I love seeing the pictures of your cats. I want one so badly. I went to the animal shelter before Christmas and almost got one but decided to wait. Now I wish I had one or two. Maybe soon.

    Stay warm,
    Lee Laurie

  11. Wow you did get a lot of snow! We got 5 to 6 inches here too!!your kitties are so cute!


  12. We may not have the snow here in Florida, but it is still way too cold for my liking! When I left for work today it was 35! Your house looks like mine with all the cats lounging around! Bella looks adorable with her nose peeking through the bunnies!

    Try to stay warm!

    ~ Tracy

  13. We didn't get any snow, only ice. I would have liked a little snow at least. Your house looks pretty, like white icing on top! Enjoy!

  14. Lou Cinda,
    What a cute post! Your cats are so accomodating to pose for your photos! Maurice. . .not so much! Sometimes I trick her with a treat or hit the flash several times for her to chase!I LOVE SNOW! The golf cart made me laugh. We, at one time, owned lots on a lake with a golf couse and everyone drove golfcarts on the roads! Thanks for posting this cutie today!

  15. Ha ha, love those cats......I can tell they must have mistakenly slept on the couch!!! He he....Bella looks so sweet, they really do sleep in the weirdest places don't they?!!!!
    Okay so where are the pictures of your trip?!!!!
    Can't wait to see!!!!!

  16. It's amazing to see all the snow in all parts of the country! I think the cats have the right idea, just stay inside and take a nap!

  17. Hi Lou Cinda....My sister in law lives in Northwest Georgia and she has been stranded on top of her mountain since the snow started. She thinks tomorrow she will be able to get down the hill and get to work. I know you are fairly close to where she lives. We had snow too but not as much as you. It's beautiful but I will be ready for an early Spring by the end of this month! Be safe! Your kitties are darling!~ Hugs, Patti

  18. This go around we didn't get any ice which makes all the difference in the world. Our back yard is still completely covered but we can get around. That's the way to go.

    Your babies are so cute - not spoiled a bit, eh?

    Hope you are keeping warm! Happy weekend!

  19. Awwww your furbabies have the right idea..curl up, stay warm on the comfy sofa and eat well *winks* The snow can really be a pain in the tucus but it sure makes for beautiful photos don'tcha think?! The golf cart shenanigans sure look like fun! Vanna

  20. Pretty pictures LouCinda! I'm with Bella, snow time=nap time!! :)
    Stay safe and warm!!

  21. I hear ya on that snow!!! Glad we don't really have any ice..your cats are beautiful!

  22. I wanna come back as one of your kitty's!!! What a life :)


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