Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Morph…

I really loved this sofa when I found it a little over a year ago….but, as most of you probably know by now, I am a LITTLE OCD!  Just a tad….

And this sofa has a light background…add to that three men and four cats = one nut crazed lint brushing female!

SO!  I sold this sofa to my girlfriend Jamie….looks lovely in her den…..oh and notice the black coffee table….I got it for $20.00…it was oak, painted it black…

Sofa 002

SO…back to the old sofa that I had…I know…it is the elephant in the room….and I painted the coffee table cream…this is the only photo I could find…


Now this…new sofa….coffee table is now red….


I made the pillows out of the ottoman fabric and still have one more to make for the chair…this sofa is bigger and much more family and cat friendly…


I spray painted the table Heritage Red and then wiped on an onyx stain diluted with some glaze…then I wiped it back off…




See the secretary thingy back behind the sofa?  Yeah, I think I need to paint that!  What do you think?


I think I might need therapy!!  Just sayin’

Kisses :)



  1. I think you are amazing! No, you don't need therapy. You just need to bring your spray paint and come to my house and help ME!

    I like that red paint. Looks good. But I am confused, lady. Is the light covered sofa in the last shot the same sofa that was floral, only reupholstered??? You lost me on that one, OR is it a new sofa as in brand new????

    Just askin' because well, I'm nosey...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Lou Cinda, I really like what you've done to your coffee table. Like the way you rubbed it down with stain. And yes, go ahead and paint the secretary too. I can say that since I'm not doing the work. HA!

  3. Hi Lou Cinda, like the changes....but, wow, you have been busy. I agree about painting the secretary...I've seen people do beautiful things with that particular style of desk. Now, what color? I don't know. But I'll look forward to seeing what you choose :) Linda

  4. Uh huh... You need to paint that secretary! Bring it into the millenium.... Therapy? I don't think so. What fun would life be without all of our little nuances and/or obsessions? I keep buying, while you keep painting.... Nothing wrong with our use of spare time, IMHO!! I'm starting to get in some of the things I ordered at furniture market. Such pretties- I don't want to sell them at the store- I want them for my OWN!!! LOL xo Sue

  5. Love all of the changes and I agree with the others, I think you should paint the secretary. I love the color red so I really love the change to the coffee table!

  6. Oh what fun! It looks fantastic red! Isn't it so much fun to go back and look at how a rooms transforms over time!
    P.S. {if this requires therapy I'll be sharing a room with you :)}

  7. Yes, if you can, I would paint the "secretary thing". ; ) I love your new sofa, Lou Cinda! I had a large floral in my living room but had the white slipcover made for it {washable slipcover}. I was so much happier with the slipcover on ~ that floral was really dated. I have a coffee table with similar legs and an interesting apron to it {except it's square} and I painted mine black. I love chunky legs like that on tables.

  8. Very cozy living room!


  9. I think I love every couch you have had. I have a little couch problem, too. Shhhhh...I grow tired of them after a few years and want a new one. I don't know how to reupholster and it is SO expensive to have done. Anyway, I am on the look out for one for my family room.

    Love the coffee table red. You did a really nice job. And the secretary will look beautiful painted. Go for it!


  10. Looks just wonderful my friend...Really do love the new couch and those red pillows just pop...I always enjoy my visits here...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Are you saying that blogging isn't our "therapy group"??? Granted, we all support each other in doing those naughty things, but heck, at least we're all addicted to something not too harmful, lol! Love the red and the new sofa, spray paint huh? See, you support my addiction, gotta try it out:)

  12. I once heard that the average is 7 years for keeping a sofa. I think that is about right since I get tired of a sofa around that amount of time. I like all of your sofa's and the different colors of tables. I would paint the secretary....why not!~Hugs, Patti

  13. Not sure why, but this post really made me smile. I need that being stressed out over the wedding reception this Fri. night! I think it was how many times you painted that coffee table that got me grinning. Your new look is fab and I really love the RED coffee table. Of course red has always been my favorite color forever and ever..amen.

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog today. :)


  14. The new sofa looks great and so comfy! Yes..paint it...I think you will be happy with it. Your RED table looks soooo good.


  15. The doctor is in and will see you now! Take two paint cans and call me in the morning!!!
    Seriously...the room looks alive...love it.

  16. I'm loving the table painted red. Go ahead and paint the secretary and when you're done you can come on over and paint some furniture for me. Sofa looks really comfy! Perfect for 3 men in the house.

  17. Love the changes and really love the red table. Very nice job on that.

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! LOVE your red table. It is adorable!!:)


  19. Ha! I'm laughing reading this. I can't keep up!! I do believe you're worse than me for switching things around..lol Everything looks great though. As for the Secretary thingy behind the couch.. I say go for it! Paint away.

  20. Um....3 sofa's???? Run and join the first support group you can :) Nothing is worse than having cream sofas and 2 BIG dogs that think it is their privilege and right to sit on them. I might be the only person here that thinks no paint! Maybe just a darker stain on the outside and paint the inside cream. Everybody has an opinion right?


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