Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Upholstery 101 continues…

We had class last night….here is my chair in it’s “stapled “ state….LOTS of staples


Trimmed off and prepared for DOUBLE cording…


FINISHED!  SHUT UP!  I love it….


Said double cording that very nearly almost caused me to lose my religion….


There is Teresa back there…she was working on a stunning pillow!  I should have gotten a photo!




I am really excited and I have another chair just like this one that I am going to cover to match and put it on the other side of the secretary….I am also going to make two lumbar pillows to go in each chair….can’t wait to get started on those…


This is Sharon after she has just blown stuffing into her cushion…I didn’t get a picture of her finished chair before she had it taken out to her car, but it was Beautiful!

The guy in the back there is Gary, our instructor…he is “the bomb”.  We are all at different skill levels and he is all over the place helping each one of us…he is very patient and alot of fun! 


As you can see…we have ALOT of fun in our class!  Sharon says we do it for the Socialization first, skills second…I think she is right…


The chair she is doing next…Is it not gorgeous???  I told her she should spray it Heirloom white and glaze it so all of those fabulous details will stand out…can’t wait to see what she does with it, whatever she does will be AWESOME!  She has great taste!


I have already asked if this class will also be taught in the Spring!  It will!  I am hooked!  I have lots of projects up my sleeve….which may or may not include double cording…

just sayin’…

Kisses :)


  1. I ♥ your chair!! Great job!! -Tammy

  2. Your chair is just wonderful. I love it. I would really like to take a class. I so need to see if something is available here. You do look like you are having fun. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your chair is beautiful. I think upholstering has to be the hardest thing ever...I could really use a class like yours just for the basics of sewing. it looks like you have a great time. Again...the chair is fabulous!


  4. I have a chair waiting for double cording and think I am going to skip the stress and just get a pre-made trim... is that so wrong?? I hope not!

  5. Your chair turned out wonderful. Love the fabric and the double cording. Sounds like it was worth the pain!


  6. Lou Cinda...The chair turned out fabulous! You really did a wonderful job! I love the double cording and print of the fabric! How wonderful to have a class like that offered to ones who want to learn.~Hugs, Patti

  7. Get outta town! I want to take a class now if I can have my hair blown for photos!
    Seriously, you did a Fab U Lous job. I'm impressed!

  8. You did a fabulous job with your newly upholstered chair! I wish we have upholstery classes here that I could take. For now, it's cake decorating classes for me :)

  9. Woohoo! Way to go! It turned out beautifully! Love the double piping. Linda

  10. I think it looks really trashy in your house and you did a terrible job. You should probably get rid of it. Let me help you out with that, I know of a place where it can go...NOT!!! Well, sure I know where it can go, MY HOUSE!!! You did FABULOUS and it turned out soo wonderful:) Can't wait to see the next one you do, and the other projects that come from your new skills. If you didn't have a great sense of humor, I wouldn't have written the first part:)

  11. I'am in love with the chair. The rooster fabric....OH MY. Perfecto!

  12. OK you do know that chair would go somewhere in my house right? LOVE fabric, and wonderful job!

  13. Hi, I love your chair!!! The fabric is gorgeous, and your really doing such a great job. I wish we had classes like that around here....Kathy

  14. SHUT UP is right! Lou Cinda, you did great! I love it. : ) I was going to say you need to do a second one. Love it! Love the chair, love the fabric, love the dreaded double cording! Wonderful that you have a great instructor ~ that is so important in this type of thing. I love your friends next chair. What a great shape! Good for you for looking forward to the next class.

  15. Your chair is beautiful! I wish we had a class like this here, it looks like so much fun!!

  16. LOVE your chair!!! So if you notice it NOT come looking for it at my house. HAHA!


  17. Bless your heart. I can't imagine trying to upholster. And I LOVE the rooster fabric! What a fantastic job!

    I will share that one time I took a sheet set and covered our dog couch (yes, he had his own couch) using duct tape. I got the idea from Christopher Lowell on a dorm room episode. I'll tell ya, those sheets stayed on forever!

  18. That chair is so pretty it'd probably be pretty just naked but you really MADE IT! It's gorgeous and looks done by a professional - and that would be you!

  19. Your chair looks fabulous! Do you know how many times I wished I could do that...I can sew but this is a whole different animal. So resourceful of you to take the time to learn this art. Thanks for stopping by FK. Have a wonderful weekend.


  20. Oh, your chair turned out fantastic! Just beautiful! Way to go!

  21. I'm lovin' the chair, Lou Cinda! Great fabric and trim. You are just going to be such a great little upholsterer. I have a couple of chairs that need to be recovered. They were quite expensive, even at wholesale cost, so I am having the guy who works at our store recover them for me. He is very inexpensive for the boss- LOL. Otherwise, I would just replace them if I had to pay "real" money.
    ~ Sue

  22. Hi Lou Cinda, The chair turned out wonderful! I love the shape of it and the fabric you used. So cute! You have given me the push to take an upholstery class.
    Hugs, Sherry

  23. Your chair is FAB.U.LOUS! I love it... The chair itself is wonderful, but totally over the top with the new "job"... :-)

    I think the only place that teaches upholstery around here is at the technical college....and the classes seemed pretty pricey. Boy, could I ever use a class... I'd really rather re-upholster my wing chair than make a slipcover for it... It seems way tooooo scary.


  24. That has to be right up there with one of the cutest chairs I have ever seen. I do love roosters but would have probably hesitated covering a chair in that print. It is SO PERFECT!! Great job. I never thought to take an uphol. class. It looks like fun.

    Thanks for your compliment on for stopping by to see me. :)


  25. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, and your chair is PRECIOUS! Get out! I can't believe you did that after one class. Sooooooo cute!

    I am envious. If I was within driving distance of you, I'd be there, too!


    Sheila :-)

  26. Oh my goodness, I'm taking an upholstery class as soon as I can! I have two vintage chairs that I love and want to reupholster!

    Oh, I have a Craig's List story also, contacted a guy about an item, told him I was VERY interested, long story short - the bugger sold it out from under me!


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