Thursday, September 16, 2010

DOUBLE Cording?? Seriously….?

I am taking an upholstery class…yes I am….

And it is HARD!!   Tuesday night was my third class and I was learning how to do double cording…. thought I would lose my ever lovin’ mind!  Oh my gosh!!  I asked my instructor if anyone had ever failed this class…he said yes…but he did go on to tell me, I was not going to fail it….he is very encouraging…he knew I was fixing to cry…he is a sweetheart…and an AMAZING upholsterer…and he has impeccable taste!  You should see his house!  FAB-U-LOUS!

I would be humming along VERY slowly stitching down the middle of the two cords and I would hear a thunk, thunk, thunk…meaning… I was sewing OVER the cords….not good….I bet I took it out and started over about 5 times!

But….here is said double cord…..


Here is what I am working on….I should be done with it this Tuesday.  I have another chair like this one and I think I am going to cover that one too and I will have a pair of them…there is a chair in Cameron’s room I am also going to reupholster…

That is my girlfriend Sharon in the back…she got me to take this class with her…she took it last year and she is really good at this!  Me?  Not so much….yet!


I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought it was so cute and would fit in my den.  I spray painted the chair black…

I will keep you posted… My seam ripper is my new best friend….just sayin’

Kisses :)


  1. Oh that sounds so fun! I've attempted a little upholstery here and there but mine always looks a little like a mickey mouse job!lol:)
    You could teach us as you go along! wink:)

  2. I would love to take an upholstery class. Your cording looks wonderful. I need to learn how to make that. I love your fabric and the check cording is going to be so pretty. Can't wait to see it. Hugs, Marty

  3. I think that this chair will be most supremely gorgeous when you are done, and you will love it all the more for all of the hard work you are putting in. And if you hate it at the end, well then I know a really good home that it can go to, wink wink ;)

  4. I wished we had upholstery classes offered in our area:( You've done a nice job so sure to keep us posted.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Look at you go!!! I took an upholstery class in MS from the woman who taught women prisoners so they would have a skill when they got out. (I didn't have to take it at the prison!!! we met at the Jr. college)

    The students were ready to throw her in jail before class was over. She never talked.
    This was our class: "What are you doing now?" Now, what are you doing? And, why are you doing that? where can we buy that stuff? It was hilarious!

    Needless to say, I learned nothing!!!

    It sounds like you have a great teacher.
    Lovin' the chair.


  6. I can't wait to see when you are finished! This looks really hard! I have wanted to learn to do this forever sooooooooooo one day!


  7. Wow!! I'm so jealous, I would love to learn to do upholstery. I'm sure the task is over whelming right now, I have every confidence you will master it.. Love, love, love the fabric and the rich lines of the chair. Looking forward to seeing your finished project. hugs ~lynne~

  8. You can do this, Lou Cinda! I love the fabric you chose ~ that chair is going to look fantastic!

  9. you go girl for taking the class!!! I don't know how to sew anything. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  10. Hey, Lou Cinda, good for you, learning all that upholstery stuff. I'm so not patient with sewing projects, I know exactly what you mean about the seam ripper, a necessary item to have.

    Thanks for being happy with me on the Nate Show. I'm SO excited & can't wait for this fun event. I am tuning in on a station on Direct TV that I think is an NBC affiliate. It's coming on at 3:00 on Channel 33, but I think you can check his website for the stations who carry it. I did a search on Direct & found several.

  11. Oh Lou Cinda..I am a sewer but that makes my shoulders tense up! I admire your bravery! Seriously, I know you will do a great job and learn a lot! Anxious to see the results of this class!~Hugs, Patti

  12. Oh what a fun class. You fabric is awesome and will great on your chair! Can't wait to see it finished :) Have fun!!

  13. I am so proud of you. Learning to upholster is not easy and I don't think I would even consider trying it (and I sew). Your double cording looked perfect to me. Can't wait to see the finished chair.

  14. Hooray for you! I could never do that. What an asset that will be to your decorating. Just wish I could sew period. Good luck!

  15. Lou Cinda...way to go! I just got a double piping presser foot that seems to work. If all goes well, I'll be sewing it up tomorrow (for 4 chairs - yuk!). I am so impressed that you are doing this. Are you using a special foot or are you just doing it the expert way? Linda

  16. Cheers! Tada! Hooray!
    Your chair will be GORGEOUS!!
    My in-laws are furniture upholsters (for over 42 years) it is amazing to watch them :)

    Your sweet treasure will be in the mail tomorrow! :)
    Many thanks!
    Can't wait to see your finished piece!

  17. Oh Chickie! You're going to be a whiz at this before you know it... They make a double cording foot for my sewing machine... I sure don't know how to use the darn thing. Can't wait to see your finished chair. Love the choices!


  18. So admire you for taking a real upholstery class. I bought a book on the subject but once I realized just how intricate it all was, went back to gluing fabric on!

  19. Hi Lou Cinda! You are so smart! I just learned to do single cording ans was sooo proud of myself! lol Double?? Oooh..not so sure! I love your fabric! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  20. At least you can sew something! (I think it looks fantastic, BTW) I was the only person in my Home Ec class that couldn't sew a straight line....much to my mother's dismay!


  21. Hey, looks good to me and the chair and fabric are gorgeous. They are going to be so cute. Good luck! You can do it!

  22. Too fun, Lou Cinda! You will be a pro before you know it. Just keep an extra seam ripper in your pocket, just in case! LOL
    Can't wait to see what you finish creating, toots!
    hugs, Sue

  23. I would love to take such a class - that's a really handy thing to know how to do! Love that fabric!


  24. Oh wow, you certainly are brave! Just looking at a book about it in the library scared me away! You will definitely ace this class! I love the rooster fabric! I will make a deal with you Lou Cinda, you come upholster an antique chair I just bought and you can borrow my son (for a little while)!

    ~ Tracy

  25. Good luck with the class. You will be so glad to know how to do it when you are finished. I love the fabric too.

  26. Good for you for taking this class! I have
    always wanted to learn how to do this! I love
    the fabric and the chair!

    Thank you for stopping by Flora Doora! I am
    so glad you did, as now I have found your
    wonderful blog!

    Flora Doora

  27. Hi LuCinda!
    Where have you been? I love your blog and I'm so glad you came over to see me because I might now have found you! I love your blog, I love your name and your kitties!!!

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog and becoming a follower. I'm definitely a follower on your blog now and will be back for more.

    I don't know if I would have the patience to upholster furniture. Good for you for taking a class and I bet you you'll be redoing everything in site!


  28. I took an upholstery class a while back and it's one of the best things I ever did! Trouble is, once people hear that you can upholster, you get asked to do all sorts of projects. I have just been asked to do a french settee with deep buttoning/tufting. Think I'll be hitting the upholstery books for that one! There's always more to learn but that's the fun of it.


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