Friday, August 27, 2010

Romeo, O’ Romeo…

Where for are thou…Romeo?


Bella’s favorite spot is in a window box thingy that attaches to the deck railing…the flowers that were in it died weeks ago from the sweltering, scorching, unrelenting heat…so now it is her balcony….if you will.


She is not a “girlie” cat….dirt all over her…what is a mother to do?  I tell ya’

She is however, a “spoiled rotten” cat….I changed up the bedding a bit in our bedroom…I found a maltase spread at “the Maxx” and got some new sheets and just folded the comforter back…I have enjoyed changing it up a bit…


I hung my favorite print over the nightstand…I love it there…brings back wonderful memories of my childhood….my parents got this print at an auction when I was in elementary school and it hung in my room my entire life….


I really love this print…



Long, slim Cammie Pie who busts all up in my photo shoot and lays across the bed to send a text message….*sigh*


Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by…

Kisses :)


  1. Good look for the bedroom. Your kitty can visit my house sometime and sit in my bare window box. I never got it planted, and after it got so hot, I decided "why bother."

  2. Your kitty is a hoot! Don't they do the craziest things. Layla {one of my dogs} loves to lie in the laundry basket when the clothes are warm from the dryer. At he rate I do laundry, it's not too often! lol!

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! Love the colors! And the print is very pretty. I like it above the nightstand.

    Have you come by for my giveaway??


  3. That kitty is just way too cute! What a great looking bedroom, love your nightstands! Slim is a hoot!


  4. Isn't it so funny where our animals choose to play? Our puppy LIVES under the stacks of crown molding in our garage! It worked out fine when she was tiny, but she's about quadrupled in size over the past few!

    LOVE your bedroom and the picture is adorable!!


    Robin :o)

  5. Geeze, if it's not the cat it's the kid, Lou Cinda! : ) Love your print. I have something similar that I bought for my daughter's room when she was just a baby. I've kept it and hope to use it again. Maybe when I decorate a spare bedroom for the granddaughter?

  6. Oh, my goodness... Your blog is just beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  7. Well goodness me...who's Bella is growing the fastest? My Bella likes to get dirty too....although we don't let her lay in the plants!
    What a sweet memory to go to sleep by every night.

  8. Love the changes you have made, and your cat is adorable! Love the print too!

  9. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that has lost their flowers due to this HEAT!!!! Your print from your childhood is so sweet...I can see why you have had it for so long.


  10. How really sweet to have something from your childhood room hanging in your own home now. What is it with kids just plopping on the bed? Do they not know I slaved ironing the sheets and the pillowcases? LOL I am a little compulsive that way... But in all honesty, I only iron the top of the sheet that shows when I fold it down over the comforter! :-)
    hugs, Sue

  11. Love the print too, and Romeo can come visit me anytime.

  12. Lucky Kitty to have her own balcony! I've lost so many things to this awful heat and humidity!

    Love the changes you made in that room! You're so lucky to still have that print!


  13. Your cat in the flower box is too funny.
    Very pretty bedroom. I loved the new spread.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  14. Love that print! What a precious memory.

  15. Lovely print, beautiful room, cute kitty and boy! What else can you ask for.

  16. so cute...did she find her romeo? if she did I hope she's fixed...mine wasn't and I'm living in Kitten land!! lol:)
    The room looks great, how sweet to have a print from your childhood next to your bed. You've got me cracking up with your 'cammie pie' !! :)

  17. Your cat is too funny - that is a great photo! I hope you have a great weekend.



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