Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where have I been?

I have not done anything really “blog worthy” in the last couple of weeks….so I have not done a post.  THEN I thought well, I can give you sweet honey’s a little insight into the life and times of moi!

I thought about doing a post about me paying Seth’s college tuition….yeah I could do that….post a photo of me clutching my heart and gasping for air as I hit the “transfer funds” button and sucked the life right out of my savings account…that would work…

OR I could do one about Cammie Pie starting his Senior year in high school.  I could post a photo of me standing at the door crying as he was headed to his car on the first day of school…I wish he was little….

OR one about trying to find insurance for my beloved Seth as Alfa has booted his lead footed self off of our insurance and termed him “high risk”!  Go figure!!  Many tears were shed as I searched for a company that we could actually afford to pay a premium to every month…We did succeed and I didn’t have to put the OTHER kidney on e-bay as the first one is already on there for college tuition…(Seth is contributing to this little monthly expense)…

I have been working on a “project” and once again it involve RE-painting.  This is beginning to be a pattern with me!  Drives me NUTS!!  My patio furniture was pale yellow, I found some CUTE fabric at Goodwill to make slipcovers for my patio cushions, so I painted the furniture green….HATED IT!!  It was a pale icky green…lived with it all summer…then yesterday I came home with a sack of black spray paint from Lowes.  Steve peers in the bag and looks at me like “what now?”  I say, “patio furniture”….

he just shook his head….

So it is in the “process” of being painted black….I am LOVING it!  THANK GOODNESS!  AND I finished the slip covers for the patio cushions that I started in April.  ALL DONE!

What?  Yes…..I KNOW it is mid-August…but we will have them for the fall!!  And yes, I realize I have had “nekked” ugly green patio furniture on my deck ALL summer long….but it has been HOT here people!  We couldn’t have stood it out there anyway and the MAIN thing is I actually FINISHED a project! 4 months to do it, but it is done!  AND it did involve sewing….

I just hope the rapture does not happen when I am sitting at a sewing machine….please Lord, you know how I am…

Pictures to follow….soon…..

Kisses :)



  1. I totally feel your pain...we have six kids...all are done with college but one. One doctor, one teacher, one architect, one accountant, one engineer and one that has NO clue what she wants to do!! She's my little rebel.

    I can't wait to see pics of the patio furniture. I have issues with paint...I get it and then paint and then don't like the color!


  2. You crack me up! Ah the college and senior years. Did that one myself with son and daughter. I felt like a walking/talking ATM machine. Still trying to get my body parts out of hock! Still, I was like you...hated to see them grow up.
    Post some pix of those nekkid patio furniture..I need some excitement in my life!

  3. Ha! It's been a slow Summer for me, too, Lou Cinda! My dreams of sitting outside went up in steam with the first humid week we had here. I said fuhgedaboudit and hit the couch with the AC on! : ) I'm hoping cooler weather will hit here soon and then I want to finish some projects I started back in May.

  4. You are so funny!! But at least you are looking at all of your annoyances with humor! ;-D

    Can't wait to see your patio set. This IS a big project. I can't sew for the life of me. I didn't do 1/8 of the projects I had planned for summer and my garage has air conditioning so there is NO excuse!

    I'm happy to hear from you...doesn't matter if you have 'something' to post about. Life is funny!


  5. These past few weeks, I have been praying for time to fly so school will start. Your post has kindly and humorously reminded me to appreciate it while they are younger and more cost effective:) Looking forward to the patio furniture!

  6. Sending my son off to college too with the promise that he will take care of me in my old age. I am grateful for that but told him if my mind's gone he may put me in (a really nice) home 'cause I won't know the difference. Done deal! Consider yourself lucky as my daughter will be following in his footsteps next year. Yes, I will have two. Hoping between the two of them one will keep their end of the bargain and wipe my drool if needed. HA

  7. Hi Lou Cinda...I just love the way you have of writing about the everyday things in life! In some of those I seen myself and I had to laugh. I had not laughed before! I am anxious to see your before and after on the patio furniture!~Hugs, Patti

  8. I remember those days!!College, and money.I'm sure your patio set will look great. Can't wait to see it....Kathy

  9. It's been way too hot to accomplish anything this summer. I am looking forward to some cooler weather and then maybe I'll start thinking about working on some projects. And I hear you about making the tuition payments! And having a teenage boy to keep insured. The money is just flying out the window right now around here too!

  10. Hi Lou Cinda,
    I can totally relate to the comment about paying the tuition. It's the first semester of college for my son and money is just pouring out of this house!
    I always enjoy reading what is going on with may not think it blog worthy but we all enjoy it!!

  11. I don't even want to think about how much it will cost when my little one goes to college! He better get a great scholarship!

  12. Hi Lou Cinda! Well, honey, you've been a busy gal with lots going on! You got me with the rapture comment while you'd be sitting at the sewing machine!
    I'm saying a prayer for you! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Lou Cinda, you have my sympathies for sure, oh my how things have gone up in price...yikes!!! If sewing calms you and takes you away from it all I say sew!!!!!
    Margaret B

  14. Hilarious moments!!! I think we needed to see those darn pictures, honey.... LOL Don't feel bad on your procrastination. I still have projects stacked in the garage from the spring. I have to clean things up before this hot ol' weather turns to rain and snow and I have to be able to get to the monster of a snow blower that is covered up with all my junk!
    You are hoping that the rapture won't come before you are done- I'm praying that I can get organized enough to list all my passwords and user names in one easy to find place somy heirs will be able to find all my online bills and accounts when I get hit by a bus. (that's what I say when I refer to my leaving this world)
    I have to keep lists of them because even I can never remember what they are. Problem is, I can never find the lists.... Life is so much fun and we better have a sense of humor to get through it all. hugs, Sue

  15. You are too cute Lou Cinda! I can definitely relate to the college and insurance. I am not even going to talk about my long list of unfinished projects! Loved the rapture comment! Looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures of your patio set.

    Have a great weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  16. Funny and sad at the same time -- I can't wait for more.



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