Thursday, February 25, 2010


I thought it would be really “special” to change my  background on my blog, seeing as to how I still had Winter Wonderland on there from Christmas.

I did finally manage to get the background in there and even changed my header!!  Woo Hoo!


Right now, my blog is nameless!  Cute header and the words Tattered Hydrangeas are kind of lost in the scrollies…..

I have researched all night long to try and figure out how to insert text in my flippin header!!  I have visions of pretty script CENTERED in my header with the name Tattered Hydrangeas in there.

Still don’t know how….

Suggestions?  I need a tutorial from you brilliant women who know how to do this stuff…

I am NOT one of those women….sadly….

I would so appreciate your help!

Thank you :)


  1. I'm sorry, I don't know how but I just read another blog that said the same thing. Some smart person will tell you.

  2. Hmmm, like Stacey I have no idea. I would think in lay-out you'd click on the part where the header is? I had my banner made for me, so I'm totally useless at this type of thing. Sorry, Lou Cinda!

  3. Hi Lou Cinda, just before Christmas Anne from Fiona and Twig turned me on to "Picnik" (sp?). It allows you to download photos and then add text.Lots of fonts. It's super easy because that's what I use. That's how I did my header. it costs 24 dollars a year but so worth it. I've used mine already about 20 times. You can upload your header there, then put your title where you want it. Just google it and you'll get a tutorial and examples. Hope that might work for you.

  4. Hi Lou Cinda dear... what program did you use to make your header? If you email me your header (without the text) I can add your name for you with photoshop and emai it back for you to install. I use photoshop for all my graphics...I don't know much about other programs:) I'd be happy to help!

  5. Yes, Picnik is wonderful & worth it !!! Your background is very pretty !
    The Little Things


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