Monday, February 22, 2010

“The Heat” Part II

What all has been going on around here would boggle the mind!  My life lately has not been for the faint of heart!

Bella was spayed last Thursday…she did great… picked her up Friday morning and brought her home. 

By Saturday morning she had pulled out ALL of her stitches!  Oh yes, she certainly did!

I am peaking at her incision and praying that  I do NOT see anything resembling “innards” or intestines, if you will…didn’t see anything gory. Back to the vet we go and he glues her up this time!  Good Grief!

THEN I get a kidney infection, so to the doctor I go. Get an antibiotic…life is good…on the mend….

THEN Cameron gets up Saturday morning sick, sick, sick.  He has a baseball tournament Saturday…so…we medicate him and head to the ball field.  Between games I am feeling his forehead for fever…he holds up pretty good….


Until we get home….he goes down like a tree…Yep, it’s the flu!  The dreaded flu!  Now Cameron and I got the H1N1 vaccination, but they were out of the seasonal flu shot….great…..he is still in the bed, being medicated every four hours.  So far…I have rebuked it….keep your fingers crossed.

Now most of you know Barbara Jean of Treasures from the Heart fame.  She is so talented and she makes these nests and I just adore them!  SO, I ordered two nests from her and she whipped them up and got them to me in no time.  I LOVE THEM!!



See the little button and the cheesecloth and doily? So exquisite!


I put the nest on my framed silverware and adore it!  She also makes these tiny intricate little rosebuds from teabags….she included some of those for me as well…



I put three of them on the other frame.  Are they not the sweetest??  LOOOOOOVE EM’


Barbara Jean, you ARE the bomb!!  Thank you so much, I SO love the nests.  I have another one too!




The silver tray my best friend Janice gave me for my birthday!  I love it so much!  I added a nest and the tiny rosebuds on the tray for now….


This is my beautiful friend Janice and my Seth!  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside!  And that is beautiful!!!

Well, I think I have caught you up to date…Just checked on Cameron…no fever right now….maybe the worse part is over….

Bella?  How is Bella?

101_0452 101_0449

She is JUST fine…..


  1. I just LUV those nests...I need to get me some darling little nests too! That SILVER tray is soooo PRETTY...I can see why you luv it so! I sure hope Cameron gets to feeling better soon:)


  2. Poor Cameron and Bella!! Glued her innards back together???

    I love love love that tray! And the bird nests are way cute!

  3. Girl I'm glad Bella is doing better and sorry to hear your sick now...Not fun at all..I loved seeing all your goodies you got from Barbara does she not do wonderful work and must drink a ton of tea to make all those roses...I love her baby shoes the best...Hope you have a GREAT week my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. love your nests! what a cute idea to put them on your framed silver! Hope Cameron gets over the flu quick & that you are spared:)

  5. Just when you think you might be safe from the flu until another Winter! I guess it can hit any time though. I love the nests and I love the idea of putting one on your frame like that, Lou Cinda! Hope everyone is back to good health soon!

  6. Oh have had your hands full! I can't believe Bella pulled out all her stitches! YIKES! I hope everything has calmed down now :)


  7. Lou Cinda,
    The nests look great, both places you put them!!
    And I love the tea bag roses on the corner of your frame too.

    Thanks so much for letting me know you were posting them.
    Sooo glad they are what you wanted. =0)


    barbara jean

  8. So glad Bella is doing fine. She is so gorgeous! I miss my kitties. Had tons of 'em when I was single. Just dogs for the last 20 yrs. Next new dog gets a kitty pal and I'll raise them together.

  9. So beautiful frames :)
    Blessing Wilhelmiina

  10. Oh my you did have a rough time of it...poor thing,and of course your poor son too! love your framed silverware and your nests! Thanks for leaving me such a nice note,x0x0

  11. What a crazy cat! Glad you son is feeling better. Tamiflu is awesome stuff but you have to start taking it within 48 hrs of the symptoms. R1 has his first baseball tournament Sat. say a pray I don't go completely nuts by then. R2 will start having practice every Monday. All I can say is we are in deep, real deep! Have a great week!!

  12. Oh, I really like the bird nests....I have several but I'll pop over and look at hers!

    Hope everyone is on the mend...


  13. Hello Linda :)

    you visited my blog willesbutik

    Nice to meet again :) I do own my work. And yes i do sell them .
    Nave a nice day!

  14. Oh my you have had a tough week! I'm so sorry, I pray you stay well and the flu misses you and the rest of the family. Your new little nests are adorable, I love the way you are displaying them... Dee Dee

  15. THAT'S IT! You tempted me with those gorgeous frames, and NOW you've added the nest and flowers. I am finding your house and stealing those frames! They will look FANTASTIC in my dining room! LOL



  16. You scared me! You were talking about Bella getting glued...and then you said you had to go to the doctor...and I thought "OH NO! THE DOCTOR IS GONNA GLUE HER TOO!" Whew! Glad everyone in the house is getting better!

  17. I'm glad Bella is doing well, and I loved your pretties and your pretty friend and handsome guy!


    Sheila :-)

  18. Those nests are goregous - the nest is the perfect addition to your lovely framed art!



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