Monday, March 2, 2009

Hubby Don't Get It...

When I told my husband I was going to start a blog, he said "a what?" I explained to him that it was women that love to do the same kinds of stuff I do, like decorating, yardsales, estate sales and that kind of thing. He just stared at me with that blank know the one they give you....I could just see the wheels turning in his head....what is she up to now? Then, when I was taking photos of the house and made him move out of my "shot" and fluffed the pillows and made him move his shoes and the newspaper, he was standing there holding his shoes and the newspaper and he asks "what are you doing with these pictures?" I told him, I am putting these on my BLOG! Duh!! He said, "why?" Because it's what you do!! Another blank stare......Then came time to TRY and get the pictures from the camera to the computer...he did take that project over and got them on there for me, and listened patiently as I fussed and fussed trying to UPLOAD them and the picture would post OVER where I wanted them to post. I wanted them to post UNDER my descriptions. So then he showed me how to click and drag the photos to where I wanted them to be. He really is a sweetheart, he just doesn't get this new ADVENTURE of mine!

Then, I checked my Blog and had some comments and I was just sqealing and he asked why and I told him I HAVE 4 COMMENTS! I AM BEING FOLLOWED!!! ...another blank stare...."Oh", he says. Lord Have Mercy Man, this is not rocket science! It is a way to learn and grow and exchange idease with other wonderful Bloggers. "Okay", he says.

I will be reading a Blog and I will start laughing and he asks what I am laughing at. I'll say, oh, Mishelle, she lives Washington and she is so funny! Blank stare........

MEN! Now if I told him I had just seen a 12 point out the front window and three does behind him, and I was pretty sure they were all up in the RUT he would have sprung up and into action in a New York minute! However, he just doesn't get the Blog thing. But that's okay, cos....I do!

Have a Great Day!


  1. Lol!! I know just which Mishelle you're talkin' about too! *winks* It's so funny (and cool) that one can become such great friends with people all over the country (and world!) I find SOOO MUCH inspiration from my blogging buddies!! Hubby probably doesn't think that's a good thing! *winks* As it means more SHOPPING!! But I love it! Vanna

  2. Hi Lucy,Thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comments! Much appreciated! Love your home and all the color. That black kitchen set is so pretty!

    Your hubby sounds like mine about the blog thing. He had to set everything up, I had no clue! (still don't)lol! I'm still learning! It's fun and addicting as you probably know! Kristen

  3. Welcome to blogging! It looks like you are off to a good start! Here's a tip...upload you photos first and then type around them. If you slide the photos around after you have them uploaded you'll lose the ability to click on the to enlarge them. It took me a long time to figure out why some photos would enlarge and others wouldn't!!!

  4. Hi!
    Welcome to blogland. I found you though a comment you left on Southern Lady's blog (Nancy). It is nice to meet you. I agree with Cindy, load you pictures first, then put your cursor where you want to type.

    Your home is lovely.

  5. Hi Lucy! I have a little bloggy award for ya! Come by my place when you get a chance! Vanna

  6. Hi Lou Cinda! Isn't blogging just the best? Warning though...once you start making friends it's hard to walk away. I talk about my blog friends too. My real life friends think I'm crazy! It's OK. Blogging is like connecting with a circle of friends who like the same things you like. It's awesome!


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