Saturday, February 28, 2009

Taking it Slow...

My camera ain't great, and I can already tell I am going to have to invest in a better one, but I am going to"ATTEMPT" to post some photos of my home. Let's start in the kitchen, shall we?This is my pub table and chairs, which I fell in love with, but not the fabric that was on here, so I recovered the seats in this fabric...

...which I love! My cat Chloe, chose this moment to make her exit! lol

This is my kitchen window and the shelf above it. I am a lover of "things", chotchskies, if you will. I absolutely LOVE rabbits and they are everywhere in my house.

This is the right side...

This is the left side...
from the doorway. My husband made the island for me from a picture I saw in a magazine, and I just love it. My kitchen isn't huge, but it is perfect for me. Now on to the den...
the mantle...
cozy reading chair by the window...
Is this rabbit not hilarious!?! He is my favorite rabbit! Notice the shoes....this is one classy dude. I tell my husband if there is ever a fire, after the family and pets are out, I'm going back in for my rabbit! His "bloomers" are velvet! I found him in a shop in Birmingham called Plantation House. I loved that shop and they aren't open anymore and I miss it! My husband makes fun of this rabbit all the time, but I don't care....I love him :)

I found this secretary thingy in a consignment shop and had to have it. I thought about painting it, and I may do it, but right now, I am just studying it. My husband put lights in it because I kept telling him it was too dark inside! doors open...I covered the back wall with fabric...this is a second den we have. My son calls it the "cubbie". It's where the boys go to hang with friends. I love this sofa and found it at the Salvation Army for $149.00! I saw it in the window on my way home from work one day and was there the next morning when they opened and bought that puppy! I am in the process of making a cornice board to go on the window behind it.

the buffet in my dining room. There is a glare, but I love the rabbit under the cloche. Not sure I am entirely happy with this yet...


Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at my home. If you see anything glaring that I should change or tweaks, please let me know. It is nice to have someone else's expert eyes look at your spaces. Have a great weekend!



  2. Hi, Lucy & welcome to blogging and I see we are neighbors & you are up the road from me. You will love blogging, just be patient & you'll be surprised at what you'll learn. I had no idea what blogging was all about 2 years ago when I started, but now I'm getting pretty good at that html stuff! Go visit lots of folks & soon you'll have many friends stopping by to see you.

    Your home looks very cozy & inviting. AND I see you are a bunny lover too, like me. I have many in my house too, but only certain kinds of bunnies. I had too many & now only the really, really special bunnies come home with me. Blessings!

  3. Hi Lucy!
    You made my day! I'm so glad that the tropical trifle was a hit! I'll tell you, you can make sooo many variations of this basic model! ( I make one called death by chocolate and use devil's food cake instead of angel food , choc. pudding instead of white choc., and instead of the fruit, I'll cut up some reeses pieces or any candy bar that you like, throw in coconut or/and pecans and you can WoW them all over again! :O)
    Welcome to Blogland, Lucy. You fit right in!

  4. Lucy your home is lovely! There isn't anything to critique *winks* I LOVE all your bunnies! And the governor Winthrop secretary is sweet! I want to plop right down in that cozy chair and have a nice chat! And can I ask what is the scrolly thing around the wreath over your fireplace? It's really cool! Vanna

  5. I'm ooooing and ahhing over your green kitchen. Love the shelf and the pretties on it.

  6. I've been scanning through your blog and enjoying myself.

    How wonderful your fella took the time to make you this island you wanted.

    regarding your frustrations with him at times, (and we all have them), their minds just do not work like ours. They do not see things like we do, and it can be very frustrating. (though we joke about it, it is very real and not so funny some times.)

    After 41 years of marriage, understanding how my sweet fellas brain works, and how it is different from mine has really helped with some of my frustrations.

    I did a post on it a long time ago. Maybe a good one to post again.

    Well, did not mean to get serious here.
    Back to your fun blog.


    barbara jean


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