Monday, March 16, 2009

Busted Metamorphisis Monday

Okay, the saga of the "flippin" dining room redo....continues. Jump to Sunday, if you will. One thing I did not share on the previous partial reveal of the dining room is, the burlap tablecloth was too short in the front and back. I don't know no clue. However, Sunday I make a move to heal and correct said too short burlap tablecloth.

Got more burlap, sat in the floor, measured off another panel for the front and back. Drag said 300 pound burlap tablecloth, spewing fuzz and fibers every step of the way, into the laundry room to the DREADED sewing machine! Zip me up a seam on the front an back of that baby and problem is solved. I am feeling so good about my relationship with the sewing machine at this point, I decide to sew the trim on the velvet overlay. Right now it is just pinned, as I have been studying it. I decided I like it so, I forge ahead with the trim.

No prob! Trim is good, I tell you it is good! I am really feeling good at this point and decide I can do anything!! So, I move on to the skirt around my vanity in my bedroom. I need to sew the velcro onto the skirt. Right now it is pinned, cos' I am too scared to sew and it was too thick for hem tape. So, away I go. I start people, this is just a straight seam, nothing fancy. I am going along and ..oops..the needle breaks. No problem, I have more. I go in search of the needles I bought. I find one, but it isn't the same one. I put it in, it keeps hitting something underneath, metal on metal sound, not good. Thread keeps breaking, wadding up underneath, now it's stuck. Needle won't go up, won't go down, stuck in fabric and I am now officially dead in the water! I flip open the little thingy underneath to look at the bobbin. All those guts under there just fall out. Fall out I tell you!!! Now, my hands are sort of numb, cos' I have also been spray painting those **@@### chairs and so I am literally handicapped trying to get it put back together, but I am trying!! Over and over I try. What did I do you ask? How does this saga end?

Well.....drum roll please.....I cry! Not a little, Oh, I am so frustrated with this sewing maching kind of little sniffle. Oh No, No, No! I BAWL!! I am heaving and just sobbing over this stupid sewing machine that I so loved 30 minutes before! My husband hears all the snubbing (and slamming) I am making, and though he was scared I am sure, (he knows me well) he did venture into the laundry room and look at me in all of my hysterically tear streaked face, and ever so softly said, do you want me to see if I can fix it? He is so sweet! I just got up and let him at it and low and behold, he healed it! Seems there are some little things that flip over all that stuff underneath and I didn't have it secured! Well, I rethread that puppy and off I go! Job finished! Dear Lord thank you! I was able to sew not one, not two, but 5 straight seams in ONE day!!!! I may tackle something really hard next, like......a valance or a runner!! The sky is the limit at this point! I AM WOMAN!! HEAR ME ROAR! Chair and completed dining room coming soon....


  1. Thanks for the good laugh! That scenario is so familiar to me. Not sewing...I gave up on that long ago. But most projects never go as easily as expected. Must be fun though because we do keep trying.

  2. We rock and roar don't we? Isn't it nice to have a main man around when needed to facilitate all that noise? LOL you make me smile.

  3. You sound like me when I'm trying to sew! For some reason that thing has me so intimidated! So I avoid it like the plague! But I am seriously thinking of making some pillows and a slip cover! Maybe I'll try the crying things and my husband will do it!! or pay for them! HA! Can't wait to see your dining room! God Bless~ Lauralu :)

  4. Oh yeah, been there, done that (not with hubby, with sewing machine!). But, you got it done and that's what's important. Can't wait to see both.


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