Thursday, May 10, 2012


I have been somewhat amiss lately, but there has been SO much going on!  First and foremost I had to undergo some dental work, alas the title of my post…I had to have an implant…that sounds so ominous doesn’t it??  A while back I broke a tooth…which tooth you ask?  My FRONT tooth!  Yeppers, I did!  My “then” dentist glued it in several times which was a temporary fix and I had to have an implant.  So I found a “new” dentist who does this sort of thing and he was fabulous!

Some people get really worked up about going to the dentist, but I have had every procedure known to man done to my mouth at one time or another in my lifetime, so I was really chill about the whole implant thing, especially after meeting Dr. Chris Harper in Guntersville, AL.  He was wonderful, his staff was wonderful…it was all wonderful!  Had the implant done last Friday and it was totally painless…even the “numbing” ergo the shots in the mouth….pain-less!  He is that good! His assistant, Cindy, is that good!  Especially in light of the fact that an “implant’ has to be placed in your bone…as in screwed in….the bone….with a little bitty rachet sort of thingy…then there were a few stitches…some blood…who knew? Oh, and  I should mention that the part of my tooth that broke was still in there and had to be removed…I think the proper terminology is “surgically remove erupted tooth”…

didn’t hurt one bit…

SO!  We are in the 6 month waiting process now….thankfully his staff created a wonderful temporary for me to wear in the meantime….did I mention it was my FRONT tooth??  Okay….just checking…I do NOT want to be called  SNAGGLE….just sayin’…

In other areas of my life, Cameron’s sweet, precious, gorgeous girlfriend, Malory got a scholarship to play volleyball!  We are thrilled to the moon and back for her and I went to the signing yesterday…





Words do not begin to express how excited we are for Malory or how blessed I feel to have her in my life. As you know, she and my son, Cameron have been together since he was 14 and Malory was 13….a long time… She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I know she will accomplish everything she dreams of.  The future is bright!

And on another note….did any of you see the Super Moon last weekend?  I walked out on the deck and snapped a few photos…




I have a couple of things I have been working on and hope to get some photos of those ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Lou Cinda :)


  1. Hi Lou Cinda! I am so sorry about your dental's always scary when it's the front tooth. But it's great that you found a good dentist and that he made it painless. Yay! No one would call you snaggly, you are too pretty!

    Congrats to Malory, I am happy for her. She must have really worked hard and I know all of you are proud of her. Wow, they have been dating forever!

    Love your shots of the moon, you must have a great camera! Hope everything else is well with you. Are you having good weather down there? Still in the 60's here. Have a great weekend! :)


  2. Lou Cinda, I also have had every kind of dental work out there. I've never been to the dentist and had him say, "everything's ok, come back in a year". I currently have 3 implants (done about 10 yrs ago). Glad you found someone good to do yours. Your son's girlfriend is beautiful, and apparently talented too. It's wonderful when our children have someone in their lives that we like. laurie

  3. First, to answer your question ~ can't you tell I'm having a ball not working, Lou Cinda? : ) The day flies by so fast though. I only wish it had done that when I was working! Oh God, I had to have a tooth implant a year or two ago. It was a side tooth, just where when I smiled you could see the missing tooth. It apparently "died" and I was up and in pain for almost 36 hours before I was able to get into the specialist who pulled it {instant relief} and then set about readying me for the implant. I did not get a temporary because I figured I'd be fine but I did tend to be self conscious about it for about a month.

  4. Lou Cinda,
    So~o~o glad you are getting a new tooth!!! Want to see more of that gorgeous smile of yours in the future! Your photograpy of the moon is excellent! Almost spooky, too! Congratulations to Mallory!!! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!

  5. Lou Cinda...I broke my 3rd tooth from the front over New Years and I finally just finished up the long road to the end result. I broke my tooth up near the root and it was a vertical break. Unlike you I am not that thrilled to undergo dental procedures even though I do love my dentist and his entire office staff. Anyways, Over $3,000 later I have a new bridge and all is well again. It went on for 4 months...temporaries, healing of extraction, and final bridge, Ugh! Glad it is over! It slowed any blogging motivation that I had over the I completely understand what you have been going through! As for the super moon, I did get to experience it in Laguna Beach, Ca! Big and bright and really lit up the sky out there! My first visit to California and it was wonderful! Home now and back to reality. Congrats to your son's girlfriend...good for her!~Hugs, Patti

  6. So glad you found a good dentist. I've had lots of dental work too. I have a few more things to get done, but I'm pretty chill about it as well. You do what you have to do. On a brighter note, congrats to Mallory.

  7. Ouch! Glad it was painless though. Congrats to Cameron! What an accomplishment! I saw the moon and took photos too. Awesome!...Christine

  8. I too, have an more dental procedure than I can either count or remember. I have five, yes five, implants. None of them hurt a bit.
    So, keep smiling!! :D

  9. Glad to hear that your dental work went good for ya:) I am one of those that hate the dental chair. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day!


  10. Hi Lou Cinda...

    I saw this post and realized I hadn't been by in a while...bad bloggy friend. Glad to know you got through your dental ordeal in tact!

    What a beautiful gal your son has in his life. So sweet they have been together since such a young age.

    And your moon pictures are over the moon beautiful! I could stare at a full moon forever!

    Happy Mother's Day Lou were one of my first bloggy followers/friends and I will never forget how much your comments meant to me as I was beginning this bloggy journey!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Lou Cinda - I hate you are going through all of this but at least it didn't hurt!!!
    I, too, have spent some major time in dentist's offices! I have had 7 root canals. My endodontist in Birmingham is great too. It takes a while but it's painless. Some of my first ones were doozies - prayed for the rocks to fall on me!
    Congrats to lovely Mallory.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  12. What?! You mean you didn't opt to run around like a hillbilly with a missing front tooth? My lands, girl- you are too vain.... LOL Seriously, glad you had a good endodontist who is taking good care of you and your pretty little mouth. Your moon pic is all world! Hope you have a happy day tomorrow! xo Sue

  13. Congrats to Malory! She's such a pretty girl.
    I have had a lot of dental work too but I'm not as brave as you. Good luck with all of that!
    Pretty photos of the moon!

  14. Hey,
    Spectacular! I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thanks a lot for the time taken to publish this post.

  15. husband had one of those and it was also his front tooth! Gurl......I can not even begin to tell you how afraid I am of the dentist. Seriously my dentist used to put me under for any procedure...but now he won't. Something about insurance...blaa...blaa. So he gives me valium instead. You are one brave chick!!!

  16. Great picture of Malory, Kris and Chanda! Very proud of her!

  17. Hi there, Lou! I know it’s kinda late, but I’m glad that you finally had dental implant. It wouldn’t be convenient if you will just rely on temporary fixing. Anyway, from the tone of your post, I can say that you finally found a new dentist who knew his thing. Imagine, you didn’t feel anything—even the numbness! Wow, that could have been great!

    Seth Webster

  18. I’m glad it didn’t hurt you one bit. I agree with Seth, It would be impractical to just rely on temporary fixing. Having dental implants would give you a more permanent solution. You have a lovely smile, Lou Cinda, show off that a little more. :-)

    Nannie Livingstone

  19. My message might be a little late, but I'm glad that you opted for the permanent solution for your dental health. Just like what our two buddies here said, it's more practical and convenient than temporary fixings. With proper care, it can last almost a lifetime.

    Jamar Schaffer


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