Monday, June 18, 2012

Window Box and a Win!

Hello everyone!  I have been MIA for quite some time, but I really have been SO busy!  And we were at the beach for a week which was heavenly….I want to go back!

A while back I entered a give away at Cindy’s Fractured Fairy Tale….if you know her blog at all (and I highly recommend you becoming familiar with it) she is SUCH a talented artist, with a great eye for design as well!  I LOVE her blog….anyhoo….she had a give away for one of her fabulous paintings….an original….it was hydrangeas….my VERY favorite flower….needless to say, I entered!  And guess what????  I WON!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a piece of Cindy’s art in my home!  I was so picky about the frame I wanted to put it in and changed it TWICE….painted it once….tweaked it countless times!  But alas….here it is…






the touches of pink….love it!


the frame….


in the room……

Thank you Cindy!!  I love it so much and it is PERFECT in my dining room!!!  I knew it would be  Smile

THEN Steve built a window box for the window on the front of our house….it used to look like this…


Now it looks like this…



we yanked out the shrubbery that was here…I don’t miss them…



Cameron got me the mini hydrangeas for Mother’s Day…




sweet potato vine, petunias…



lantana, vinca (periwinkles)




Fred…(my wild cat that I feed twice a day buthewon’tletmetouchhim!

I LOVE it!  You know, I think I could hire Steve out!  We make a great team!  He told me I had bought too many flowers and was not going to be able to fit them all in the window box….I said, “Are you smokin’ crack?” 

Yes, they all “fit”…instant gratification!

Thank you all for stopping by!



  1. wow, that looks great.. what a wonderful transformation.

  2. Congrats on the win! It is a beautiful painting. Love that flower bed and your beautiful flower boxes!

  3. Steve did a great job on that window box, Lou Cinda! I love it! My hubby would be with you on getting rid of the bushes. He thinks they make great homes for bees. : ) Love the painting you won. It is just beautiful. I finally planted some hydrangeas here last month. Some pink ones to keep me missing my huge blue bushes back in NY.

  4. Oh my gosh, i can't believe how beautiful it looks in your house! That painting was just made for you, I'm so glad you won it...and i LOVE the frame, it couldn't be more perfect.

    Your window box is wonderful too, i love your little circle with all the pretty plants, everything is so charming there!


  5. Lou Cinda,
    The window box looks and Steve both did a wonderful job on it. The area looks much better with the bushes gone...we did that several years ago and love it. Beautiful painting too!


  6. That painting is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors in your home.

    Now about your yard, I bet your neighbors enjoy living near you. You always have a project or an improvement!

  7. Lou Cinda,
    Congratulations on the win! You scored huge, dear friend! As soon as I saw the print...I knew it would be perfect in your dining room! Love the frame!!! Great improvements to the out ~of ~ doors window box!You and Steve make a "perfect" pair. never get any closer in proxmity, but I can clearly see he has stolen your heart!

  8. CONGRATS on that great win Lou Cinda, the painting is beautiful!! Your garden looks fabulous and love the window box!!

  9. OMG that painting is gorgeous! And, the frame is perfect.
    Love the redo in the yard and the window box is great!

  10. Lucky you, that painting is gorgeous! What a treasure to win! :)

    And I love the window box, too! Your landscaping is so pretty!

  11. I love hydrangea as, so you know I like your new artwork! And your newly opened up garden area looks so refreshed, too. I don''t know if Steve would let you hire him out. LOL. XO Sue

  12. Congratulations on your win! The artwork is beautiful and your garden looks so inviting!

    Thanks for welcoming me back! I look forward to seeing you for Potpourri Friday!

  13. Awesome win!!! I love Cindy and her hilarious blog....she makes me smile every time I go there:) Isn't it funny how you can stuff all of those flowers in a window box?

  14. I like how you always slide in at least one picture of your cat.

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