Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where have I been?

Well….suffice to say, I have been busy….Sadie (the new cat) has been sick TWICE!!!

I told my vet I have already spent more on Sadie, my pound rescue cat,  in three months than my two 17 year old cats!  She is a high maintenance Diva kitty cat…but we love her…

She is trying to escape from the cat carrier upon return from a recent veterinarian visit…she did NOT like that box…


THEN we had the remnants of a flippin hurricane that blew through up here in Northeast Alabama….Who Knew??

So we got this…



yeah, that is my NEIGHBOR’S house behind me….just brushed the side of their house…lucky!


WOW!  If it had fallen towards our house, it would have HIT our bedroom….

I do not like windy weather AT ALL…just sayin’



Now, at this time I feel the need to admit something…and I know there is a great possibility that I will be drummed OUT of the blogging world forever….and ever….and ever….HOWEVER, I must confess…I do NOT like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! *sigh* there, I said it….it’s out!  I know I am probably the only one in the universe that doesn’t like it, BUT…it is what it is….

I just don’t have time for painting and waxing and dark waxing and clear waxing and all that waxing….sheesh!  When I am doing a project I got to git’er done ASAP! 

So AFTER I painted my buffet with the chalk paint….about 4 coats because I thought you didn’t have to prep or ANYTHING, but alas….my buffet was pine, so it KEPT bleeding through….and AFTER I started the sanding process *NOTE* (do not sand indoors, as it is like sheetrock dust that goes EVERYWHERE) I was dissatisfied with the results….and I know I am impatient, and should have tried a little harder, but at this point I just wanted to finish the flippin buffet! SO!  I hauled her outside in the front yard, got out my beloved spray paint in Heirloom White and went at it….sprayed, sanded, back in the house, top stained, waxed, DONE in about 2 hours!

Before: the dark buffet in the back



And After….+chalk paint + wax + spray paint + mocha glaze…



I added the wood appliques to the front so they would match the dining room chairs….”marry them” if you will…









I stained the top walnut and then rubbed in a coat of clear minwax…



I am so happy with it…it isn’t the buffet I will keep FOREVER!  But until I find exactly what I want, I am happy with it since I painted it and it works with everything else in the room.

So there you have it!  Thank you so much for stopping by and please don’t hold my dislike of the chalk paint against me :(  I just think I am happier with a smoother finish and less steps….

Hope you are having a Fantabulous Day!!


Lou Cinda



  1. I had wondered where you were!! Glad to see you back posting!

    Sorry the wee kitty has been sick. We just adopted two more dogs (yes, we are nuts now that we have 7) 7 Dogs = Goat Rodeo!!

    I am glad you posted about the Annie Sloan chalk paint because I was going to order some and now I think I won't!!

    I LOVE how your buffet turned out!


  2. Hi Lou Cinda, Sadie is adorable! Sorry she has been sick. Your buffet looks great. Chalk paint is at times a lot of work and you are absolutely right....it is messy!

    Enjoy your evening,

  3. Hope your Sadie kitty gets better, soon.
    I haven't tried the chalk pain, yet...maybe I won't bother if it is that much of a pain.
    I love your dining room...the lamp shades are gorgeous and I am not even a pin person!

  4. So glad to see you back and I do hope that kitty gets better.
    I'm glad that you have spoken out about the chalk paint. I paint a lot, I mean a lot of furniture for my booths. At first I really didn't see much difference in chalk paint and flat paint, so I wasn't all that impressed. I also found that the waxing was time consuming and more work than I wanted to put into some pieces. It's also very expensive I do like that it covers just about any surface and doesn't chip, but it does take several coats to get it right. Annie Sloan advertises that you only need two coats.
    Anyway, I'm not planning on buying anymore in the near future. I'll just stick with my regular favorite latex paints.

    I do think that your sideboard turned out lovely.


  5. Lou Cinda,
    Okay you gotta know we still love ya:) I really did not like it at first but the more the used it, then I really started feeling the love. I will say that I feel it's way too expensive. Your buffet looks outstanding and I love your hardware.


  6. Hi LouCinda.....I would never hold that against you....like you said, it is what it is! There are some things I don't like about it either if truth be told....price being the # 1 thing. I also had trouble with bleeding through but then I waxed it and did another coat and that stopped it. The buffet did turn out great...love the final version! Little kitty is a cutie too!~Hugs, Patti

  7. Hi Lou Cinda,
    Good to hear from you. So sorry about the tree! That storm did some damage.
    I haven't used the chalk paint yet (probably one of the last holdouts). I appreciate hearing about your experience.
    Your buffet turned out great....sometimes you just can't beat good ole' spray paint!!

  8. I haven't tried chalk paint. I like to mix my own concoctions. You gotta do what works for you. Sorry your kitty was sick, and, honestly, would you like being in a box. lol Glad the tree missed you.

  9. She's Baaaaaack!!! Too bad about the ASCP...more for me! Kitty looks pissed in that box and I can't imagine how fast she sprinted out of it :)

  10. Oh LouCinda... that tree is too close for comfort. Too scary. Glad you and the neighbors were spared.

    Your new little kitty is just too darn cute. I took my boy to the Humane Society a few weeks ago.... anything to look at animals...... and there was the cutest darn kitty ever. I had to turn and RUN! My dog would eat it..... not pretty.

    Big hugs.... have a wonderful week.


  11. Oh my! That tree falling looks scary. Glad it didn't hit anyone's house. As for the ASCP, I haven't used it yet. You busted my bubble! lol I thought I was going to buy a can and it was going to magically jump out and make my furniture beautiful. Now I'm afraid to try it. I think that's why I hadn't bought it anyway. Painting furniture overwhelms me.

  12. Love your dining room and love your kitty tales!

  13. I know what ya mean about getting it done. Just did a headboard after finishing end tables in the master bedroom.
    For a while there, it felt like I was (spray) painting everything in sight. Folks were worried about the hubs being next....

  14. Lou Cinda,
    Confession is good for the soul! I adore your buffet!!!
    Sorry your Sadie has been ill...we lost Maurice last week. Hard to let go! I cried like a baby..."Mr. Ed" did, too. She was getting on in years and became ill. Only humane thing to do!
    So~o~o glad you only lost a tree in that high wind. I've missed you...glad you're back!

  15. I wonder how your cat's head got in there? I really do.


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