Monday, July 11, 2011

Contrary to Popular Belief…

I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth entirely…..still clinging by a fingernail…

As an update on my precious Bella, we have not found her…I have been looking for her for two and a half weeks and done everything I know to do….flyers, newspaper, Craigslist, Facebook, foot searches, searches by car….I am going to have to just tell myself that she is living with another family somewhere and they are taking wonderful care of her….I can’t let myself think otherwise….

Then…..Friday…..Seth brought me this…


I know!  I have to admit, I didn’t think I was ready for another cat…my heart is still so raw…but I have to admit, she has been a breath of fresh air around our house!  My old cats just rolled their eyes when they saw her and said, here we go again! lol  But she is fitting in quite nicely….she was a rescue kitten from the pound….a life saved….always a good thing :)  Her name is Sadie….she looks like a Sadie don’t you think?

And for the first time in weeks, I started piddling around my house and changing things up and moving them around…..








I ordered the tiny cloche from Hive for the Home… cute!  The little clay pot too….







The little wheel barrow too….she has wonderful things and SO reasonable….check her out!



I want to thank each and every one of you who sent me such sweet, understanding comments on my post regarding Bella….the encouragement and prayers I received has kept me going as I have shed many, many tears….you women are beyond Wonderful and I appreciate it so much more than I could ever EVER tell you….from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!   And Carol in Va….a special thank you :)  Such a sweetheart!

I hope you all have a wonderful day….


  1. Dear Lou Cinda,

    I understand how you feel. We lost our beloved cat years ago...and found her. But, my heart was breaking. God is taking care of Bella. Sadie is beautiful.

    Everything looks so wonderful!

    Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

    Hugs, Barb

  2. Sorry to hear you haven't found Bella. She probably is living with a good family like you said. You can't replace them for sure but it sure does help to have someone else to focus on.

  3. HI Lou Cinda! Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your Bella. I know it's hard. Your new little kitty looks like a doll and I know she'll bring you some joy.
    Your little finds are so sweet.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Hello Lou Cinda,

    I am so sorry to hear you have not found Bella. Your little Sadie is precious and reminds me of my Bella. I love your vignettes.


  5. I'm so sorry...sending you positive thoughts.

  6. I am so sorry that you have not been able to find your beloved Bella. The pictures of your new baby Sadie are so cute. She has an adorable little face. Girl you just have a talent for making the cutest vignettes. You need to come down to the lake and see me soon. Miss you! Maybe we could do lunch one day soon. When I say soon I mean like Tuesday!

  7. Sadie is adorable, I know she can't replace Bella, maybe she will ease the pain......such a sweet face! I still think Bella will come home, I include her in my prayers nightly....and you too Honey!!!! Love the white rabbit, is that new too? You have the most fabulous bunny collection!!
    Margaret B

  8. Oh Lou Cinda, I totally understand! But you are approaching it in the right way. Your guy knew just what your heart needed! Sadie is a sweetheart! hugs and blessings for your new family member, xoxo Debra

  9. Oh, Lou Cinda, I'm sorry to hear that about Bella, but Sadie is a beauty. I love the pieces you've added and that little cloche is just too much!

  10. I am so sorry you didn't find Bella. Sadie is adorable and I am sure she will try to fill the hole in your heart.

  11. Lou Cinda,
    My heart breaks with yours as you still have no sight of Bella! Thank goodness for those husbands who understand just what we need!!!
    Sadie looks like she could be an off~spring of my Maurice! They call ours Tuxedo Cats...they are very Victorian! May she help to mend the heartache of your loss and bring you JOY again.

  12. I really hope that Bella will eventually come home *fingers crossed* but your little Sadie is just soooo precious!! And yes she does look like a Sadie to me too. *winks* Vanna

  13. I just found out that one of my sister's dogs has been missing for over a week. He was older, but still greeted all of the cars that drove up their drive.
    Sadie is a cute thing. I hope she begins to make your heart smile again.
    Had you on my mind.

  14. Oh my god, Sadie is soooooo precious with her little pink nose. Nothing like a kitten to stir things up... i'm so glad her little kitten energy is making you feel better...


  15. So sorry your cat went missing! I'm glad your new friend is helping you to move on.

  16. I just love Sadie! She is adorable!! Looks very similar to our Max. Bella will always be loved and that is the most important thing to remember! Loving the tiny cloche!! Gotta go and check those out.

  17. Lou Cinda, Sadie is a wonderful name and your new kitty wears it well. So sorry to hear about Bella. It's hard to have a pet go missing and I know you miss her. Your teeny tiny cloche is adorable. I need to go visit her shop. Take care, my friend, and stay cool. It's hot as blazes here! hugs, Sue

  18. Oh Lou Cinda, I am so sorry you have not found Bella yet. How cute is your new little Sadie, though? I had a kitten named Sadie once too. She was the sweetest little thing. I will never forget her. I am glad you are doing your decorating thing and keeping busy! xoxo, Patti

  19. Love me some Sadie!!! She is there to help heal your heart and I know she is already doing that.....when you start thinking about your house again...things are getting better :)

  20. Oh Lou Cinda, having been MIA for so long on my blog, I had no idea that Bella was missing. I'm so sorry to hear this but I agree with you, that she's with another family who is taking great care of her.

    Little Sadie looks like a sweetheart and yes, she appears to fit her name perfectly.

  21. Hi LouCinda...I missed your post on Bella, being on vacation. I'm so sorry! I know how much you loved her. Hope Sadie can help you bridge the loss and find some peace:)

    big hugs,

  22. The new kitty certainly seems to have inspired you. Your piddling around the house is lovely!

  23. Oh Sweetie...I am so sorry about Bella. I can't imagine how you feel. I am glad however that you have a new furbabie to bring happiness into your home and heart!

    I am behind on Blog visits (too much trotting here and there!) so I am catching up over the next few days.


  24. So sorry to hear about your Bella. I know the past weeks have been hard. But your Sadie is such a sweetie! Love her name!

  25. What a lovely blog you have Lou! I am reading about your precious Bella and I am heartsick for you! Your are right to believe that she was found by another lovely family.
    Your new Sadie certainly has! What a charmer!
    I hope she brings you years of joy!
    YOur pretty, vignettes make me want to change things of my own!
    I am a new follower.

  26. Oh sweet girl... I'm so, so sorry about your Bella.... Our pets are such a part of our family, aren't they? I've heard so many stories of pets coming back home after some time, so she might just be on her way back now..... Or, as you say, living with another family.... My heart just breaks for you. So sweet that you have a new kitty to help fill that big 'ol empty space even though she's not your Bella.... many years ago we had a dog. Emma. I'm telling you, this was the best dog ever... and I can't tell you of all her residences. I was getting a divorce and she was "loaned out".... EVERYONE wanted to keep her. She passed away a number of years ago and I still think of her and how dear she was. Eventually she ended up with my daughter and her new husband who was crazy about her..... she passed away just before he did so she's actually buried with him... my daughter thought he'd like that.....

    Sending you big, comforting hugs dear girl....


  27. I'm sorry I missed the post about Bella, I can understand how difficult that was.
    The newest addition to your family is a beauty! She looks to be fitting right in.
    I love those little cloches. Thanks for the info. on them.

  28. I had hoped you would find Bella but Sadie is just precious! And I love the teeny tiny mouse with his tail sticking straight up!

  29. What a beautiful blog you have. So sorry about your Bella. Loosing a beloved pet is hard. Glad to see Sadie in your life. She looks so sweet. Many of the decorations around your home are things I love too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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