Thursday, February 24, 2011

The “Reveal”

Okay…the story behind this table and these chairs is this…

I got the chairs, as I have said before, at the auction….$30.00 for all four chairs…and here they are in all their glory…..



They were a hot, dark, shellacked to the pit of hell, beat up ugly mess…..yep, it’s all about a vision….and not having a lot of bucks to spend don’t hurt….

Then….I painted said beat up, shellacked, ugly chairs…..ivory…



The table, I did not get a photo of the before….I know, I know….bad blogger….. however, the table was all mahogany….like the top….but with pretty carving all around the apron and legs…

I painted the bottom ivory as well, and glazed it with Valspar glaze in Mocha….


Now, I had one teeeeeny weeeeny problem with my table, which I also got at the auction, just on a different night, for $100.00…..the problem was….it was just a teensy weensy bit too small……Enter Steve…..with a plan….well, actually, I had the plan THEN enter Steve with the skills to facilitate said plan….

He MADE a leaf for my table….it had one at some point in it’s life, however, that necessary appendage did not make it to the auction with said table…, Steve made one and I have one coat of red mahogany stain on it….I think after another coat it will “blend” much better, and I am making a runner to go on there too….so problem solved…..




I glazed the chairs too….and “distressed” them….I just freak out when I start to sand furniture!  Especially after I have KILLED myself getting their shellacked ugly selves painted…..

But sand them I did….


Said “sandage”….


I added these little appliques to the backs of the chairs to dress them up a bit….



Heavy sandage…….OUCH!



I covered the seats in a solid green fabric….because I thought a solid would be easier to work with in there….I had a floral before and found myself limited as to what I could do in the room because I felt that it competed with that floral fabric….enter said upholstery instructor, whom I do love, but AFTER I had covered the seats he said, “I hate that fabric.”  Well, okie dokie then…….don’t hold back Gary, tell me how you REALLY feel!!!

SO, I am stressed about that and mulling over whether to change it or not…..

Dining room before…not a great photo, but you get the gist…



And after….



I really do love it…..and after I get the runner done and the table accessorized I will post another photo….or two….or three….

So what do you think???  Don’t hold back now….tell me how you REALLY feel!! 

Thank you for stopping by :)

Lou Cinda


  1. I love the way everything turned out, Lou Cinda! The wood embellishment you added to the chairs and the detail on the table is wonderful. Why does Gary hate the fabric? Is it the color? I'm sure you're not eager to redo those chair seats, but if you do, what about a toile?

  2. They came out great! What about a subtle stripe for your chairs?

  3. Ooh la la!! I love it. You did a fabulous job, Lou Cinda! I love the glazing and the distressing. I have never tried using glaze and I have to get brave. Silly isn't it? I wouldn't change a thing! Great job!


  4. Your whole post cracked me up Lou Cinda! I could hear myself in it in so many ways!! Great deal on those chairs! And love "said" table LOL!....but I'm with Gary...sorry...I don't "hate" but I agree with Kathy a nice toile would look amazing *winks* JMHO Vanna

  5. The table and chairs turned out gorgeous! I might do the same glaze as you did on my harp table because I love how yours turned out. As for the chair fabric....since you asked...I do think I would change it to a print such as the toile. I think it would make the room "pop". All in all I do love the transformation!~Hugs, Patti

  6. You made this into such a fantastic set, Lou Cinda! You must be really proud dragging those chairs back from Hades and all. You got a seriously good deal. I'd say it's easier not to send Gary anymore Xmas cards and leave the green ;). Hugs, Kim

  7. Hi Lou Cinda! OH, I love your chairs and table and what a beautiful job you did. Love the new painted finish!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. The table and the chairs are just fabulous. I love the finish you did. Gorgeous. I am with the others, I don't hate the green, however I would have gone with a light color similar to the chair color. How about using a drop cloth. It's very inexpensive and would look fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Wow, Lou Cinda! What a fabulous table and your chairs look gorgeous! have a very talented hubby...amazing! I love the way it has all turned out! Is that Sissie passing by under the table? Regards to your fur babies from mine! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  10. Well...well...well....missy...aren't you just the proud owner of a dang nice dining room table now! Boy Steve is the man. What did you have to do to get that done :) Love how you dressed up the chairs. Still kicking my self about the auction. I am just too lazy to get in a car and drive!

  11. I love the carving on the table. So beautiful accented with the glaze.


  12. I love the way you painted the table two colors. The painting technique you used is wonderful. The glaze really makes the piece look vintage.
    I like the detail added to the chair backs.


  13. Fabulous! You did an amazing job! Love the painting treatment!

  14. Lou Cinda, sorry the appendage was missing. That was too funny. Your paint job is great. Love the details of that table.

  15. Great finished product. You did it girl!!!! Hang your sign and go into business lol. I love the paint finish...If they were mine, I would cover with a burlap color heavy linen look (that doesnt wrinkle). Tiff (

  16. The table looks so beautiful. I love all the detail! You did a fantastic job.


  17. Wow! What a lovely set! I love how the glaze brings out the detail!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Have a great week.

  18. You did a fabulous job! All that work paid off. It sure is pretty!

  19. The table and chairs look amazing! These pictures do not do them justice. As for the fabric on the chairs I say "leave it" and just add the cute cording that you have made to them. If you decide that you don't like it then change it later. I am really loving that table with the glaze. Your Steve did an awesome job on making you a new leaf. Would you let me borrow him for some unfinished projects that I have? I'll be happy to lend you Mike in return.

  20. Looking good Lou Cinda...don't you just love that mocha glaze?


  21. looks great, refinishing chairs are a lot of work.

  22. What a difference! They look wonderful...great job!

  23. Beautiful!! I love it!!

    barbara jean

  24. Lou Cinda, The "sandage" you achieved turned out fantastic!! Told ya it would look good! I say live with the fabric for a while- you can always change it down the road... I am so proud of you for taking the sandpaper to the chairs, toots! xo Sue

  25. Lou Cinda, I've been thinking of doing this to a table and chairs, and yours look so pretty, you've convinced me that I have to do it! My table doesn't have pretty carving on it like yours though. And weren't y'all clever to make a leaf for it! Great job! laurie

  26. OMG!!!! It all looks so amazing!!! WOW!!! I can't say enough. You should be so proud of your self.

  27. How I really feel? Color me green with envy. I wish I had 1/8 of your vision and talent.

    I have been staring at an elderly aunts bedroom set (think circa 1960 heavily shiny light maple) that I want to paint white. I am terrified to do anything because I am talentless and just know I would ruin it.

    I would like you to move next door, ok? ;-)

  28. This turned out beautifully! I love it. And your husband was so clever by adding the new leaf. Great idea to make one to replace the missing one.
    I've been like you and catching up on all the posts I've missed!(So busy lately!) All your spring decor is so pretty! I still have fall potporri and pinecones in my glass jar! It's pitiful!

  29. I am loving that new table and chairs! You have done such an excellent job on them, you go girl!!

  30. wow, the detailing on that table is gorgeous! you did a beautiful job!!


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