Monday, December 13, 2010

Sharon’s Tree

My dear friend Sharon had a “girls” get together Friday night and we got to see her gorgeous Christmas decorations!  They were stunning!!  Her main tree in the den just took my breath away!  It was just so beautiful!  It has not been without issues however, getting that beauty decorated!  You know the drill, put the “pre-lit” tree together and half of the lights aren’t working…fiddle with the lights, still not working….play with each individual bulb….nope!  SO!  She bought more lights, put them on the tree and she was off!  Here are the gorgeous results of her labors…


Mostly reds and golds….gorgeous! 



Look at these bows!!  She made them out of that meshy ribbon….



Her mantel is just as stunning!


You cannot appreciate the “glitter” factor…’s HUGE!




LOVE it!!


And just an FYI, the 3M hooks did not work for her either!

I have more photos of Sharon’s other trees and I will share those later…

Hope you enjoyed this tour of part of Sharon’s beautiful home….Thank you for stopping by!

And no, I am NOT done with my Christmas shopping yet…what is UP with that???

OH!  It’s 12 degrees here right now….lovely….

Kisses :)



  1. Sharon's home is gorgeous! Is there room for one more? I would pay rent. Ha! Thanks for showing us these gorgeous pictures LC!

  2. Sharon's tree is gorgeous! I love the bows, I can't tie one for the life of me. The mantel is beautiful, too. I seriously need her help.

    Don't feel bad about the shopping, that's exactly what I should be doing now!


  3. Lou Cinda your friends tree is just stunning! Really gorgeous decorations on the mantle too! Someone is very talented in that department! I have a little more shopping to do this week and then I am done...I think there are more than a few of us in the same boat, right? It is cold and snowy white in my part of the world this morning....stay warm, friend!~ Hugs, Patti

  4. Beautiful! Makes me want to take all my stuff down and start over. I'm not done yet either, Lou Cinda, so don't stress! I made myself write a list yesterday of who I still have to buy for and ideas of what to get them. Of course, it's all the men in the family! Why can't they just like French pillows? Weather permitting {we may get snow showers here all week!}, I have strategized to hit Target and Kohl's after work this week and knock that list out.

  5. I love her tree! Trust me...the glitter effect is not wasted...I see it!
    P.S. I despise those 3M thingys...I've never got one to work!

  6. What a beautiful tree you friend has created!

  7. Beautiful tree and a beautiful home! Thanks for the tour.
    Try to stay warm!

  8. WOW! That's a lovely tree! And what a fun way to decorate with friends!

  9. Lou Cinda, that tree IS breath taking! And look how polished her floor is - the lights are reflecting in it! Her mantel looks beautiful too. What a fun place to go for a Christmas party. laurie

  10. Agreed Sharon's tree and home are gorgeous! And that tree decorating experience sounds just like mine every year! What's with those darn lights anyway?!
    Lou Cinda it was so great to hear from you! I've really missed the old gang from back in the day *winks* My mom had a couple of strokes and ran into financial difficulty so there just wasn't any energy (or money*boohoo*) for blogging. But I'm moving back into it slowly. I hope you're cuddling up by the fire and drinking a nice warm beverage. Twelve degrees is COLD *brrrrrrr* so stay warm! Vanna

  11. WOW! O.K. THIS has to be one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen! AND THE GLITTER FACTOR, INDEED! Lou Cinda, THANK YOU for visiting me! I was very sick yesterday and had to come home from work and that is where I am today...I so missed all my comments and I am just here to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and a huge thanks for your visit. Please come again and your blog is just GORGEOUS!!! Anita

  12. now see, I've tried upholstery and quickly gave up. I think slip covering is MUCH easier!


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