Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I just had to share this…

As most of you know, I am a legal secretary. One of the areas of law we practice is Social Security Disability, which is where we help people get their disability started.

It has become almost impossible to deal with the Social Security Administration.  I had to call them today, and after pushing this button, entering this information, pushing that button, talking to the animated woman, that I hate, and holding for 28 minutes to get a REAL person, the call went something like this…

Me:  I need to get some information regarding a client of ours.

SSA:  Okay, we have to get six pieces of information from you first.

Me:  Okay.

(I give them my clients name, SSN, DOB, address, mothers maiden name, current address and where they were born.  Yeah, I ain’t even lyin’).

SSA:  Okay, now what can we help you with.

Me:  I need a copy of the Notice of Award.

SSA:  Is the client there with you?

Me:   Noooooooo.

SSA:  I can’t help you.

Me:  Why not?

SSA:  Because you are not them.

Me:  We are their attorney/personal representative.

SSA:  Oh, okay.  I will need the attorneys name, firm name, address, phone number.

(I give them all of this)

SSA:  Okay, now what did you need?

Me:  A copy of the Notice of Award.

SSA:  Is the claimant with you?

Me:  No, she is still not here.

SSA:  I can’t help you.

Me:  Why not?

SSA:  Because the claimant has to be with you in order for us to speak with you.

Me:  Okay, they have never had to be with me before, but let me get this straight.  You have the information showing that we are her attorney right?

SSA:  Yes.

Me:  And you still can’t talk to me…

SSA:  Right.

Me:  Okay, sooooooo…..we can get their medical records, send them to you, fill out all the paperwork to show that we are their attorney, file the appeal, set up a hearing with the Judge, go to the hearing, get a copy of everything that you send to the claimant, I can tell you everything about them including their mother’s maiden name and where they were born, but I can’t get a copy of the Notice of Award?

SSA:  That is correct.

Me:  This has gotten to the point that it is comical!!!

SSA:  ***silence***

Me:  helloooo?

SSA:  Well, since 9/11 we have had to implement certain procedures…

Me:  Honey, I have never had a problem getting any information I needed in order to be able to assist our client….until today! 9/11 was quite a few years ago and last time I checked I was NOT a terrorist

SSA:  Well, is the claimant there with you?

Me:  You have got to be kidding me!  No, she has still not turned up since the other two times you asked me if she was here! 

SSA:  You are going to have to tell the claimant to call us themselves.

Me:  Okie dokie.  Well, can you tell me if you even have the Notice of Award before I call and have her go through all of this trauma before she actually gets to a person?

SSA:  No, I can’t tell you that.

Me:  OH MY GOSH!!!!!

I call my client, I tell her to get some kind of a sedative or maybe an alcoholic beverage ready, cos’ she is going to need one or both!  She calls SSA and calls me back and says, I got a man and he said there is no such thing as a Notice of Award!!!!

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!  How much do these people get paid???  That is what I want to know!!!!

Now, any of you that work for SSA, I do not mean to offend…however, I am about to LOSE IT!!

So, I leave work to go home, still twitching from the conversation I had with SSA.  I stop at a red light, a woman in front of me is going to turn left.  No problem.  We sit there through THREE lights!  Yes, THREE!!  She never moves an INCH!!  I gently honk my horn at her after light number TWO and she flipped me the bird. 

I very nearly had a COMPLETE come apart!  I COULD NOT believe that she flipped me the bird!!!  I can’t get over because traffic is backed up a flippin mile because of her, and everyone else is getting over so I am stuck!  We sit through ANOTHER light!  She only has about, I don’t know, 15 opportunities to turn!  She does not move!  I FINALLY got over and went on…she was still sitting there…

A day….in my life…..


  1. These are the kind of people we are going to have to deal with when it comes to our new health care system. It makes me shudder!

  2. Breath deeply. In and out.

    I feel for you! I've had similar phone calls with the university that my son is going to attend in the fall. I need help concerning scholarships but they have to speak to me. Well, he's at school during the day. Hmm... Also, it is the adults in this house who will be paying for college. Oh well.

  3. Lou Cinda..
    Been there done that..
    only I was the banker trying to get their account set up in order to receive the payments..
    the government has gone paperless due to the paperwork reduction act...
    and no checks were being issued.
    even tho the client was sitting there,
    SSA clerk had to verify their identity and have permission to speak with me on their behalf..
    and..the SSA office closes at 5pm.. so at 4:30 the phones are all put on HOLD so as not to be dealing with anyone when the clock hits 5pm!!
    and yes.. this is the gene pool from whence the healthcare fiasco will be drawing their employees...
    as Stacey so eloquently put it..
    breathe deeply..In and out..
    warmest hugs..laughing smiles..

  4. My husband is working on getting a loan modification for our upside down house. We sent all the information and waited, and waited. Finally 28 days later the people for the bank calls and says our paperwork is no longer valid. It is over 30 days. My husband who mailed it registered said no, it is 28 days and that is on your part. Anyways...finally he says what paperwork do you need....blah, blah and 2008 income tax return. He says to them, it hasn't changed. Do you have the 30 pages I already sent you in your possession. Answer: yes, but we can't use it. You must resend everything. He trys to explain to them, nothing is good. We finally decided....we will just keep paying on our big bill.....therapy sessions would eat up any extra money we might gain if we follow through!!

  5. My day job is in a law firm, too, Lou Cinda, so I feel your pain. Mine, however, comes from within my office! Just gotta love that the icing on the cake is some moron who just shouldn't be on the road ~ ever.

  6. Lou Cinda~~~

    I hope you came home a poured a big stiff drink. How pathetic this red tape can be. Maybe it was her driving the car in front of you.


  7. Lou Cinda,
    I agree with Lisa...just look what we have to look forward to with government health care...just don't get Mr.CC started on that topic! I hope your night gets better for you:)


  8. How positively frustrating!!! I have found in situations like that asking for a supervisor works. Unless they say "I am the supervisor Ma'am".

    As for the moron sitting through lights.... *speechless*

    I hope you have a better evening, enjoy a nice glass of wine or a warm bubble bath.


  9. Oh my gosh...I have no words!!!Take it easy,and thanks for coming by! x0

  10. Oh my goodness...I feel your pain! Have come across the same problems in my day job! I hope tomorrow is a better day. The good thing is we are closer to Friday :)

  11. Maybe the lady at the red light had just got off her cell phone with the SSA office and was still in a could happen!

  12. Wow! And I thought I had a bad day!

    Take care and BIG hugs,

    Lee Laurie

  13. Oh dear, this probably doesn't help, once we spent about three days trying to prove my Mom was alive....and that was with her present in the room, on the phone with me!!!!
    Hope things get better!!!!
    Margaret B

  14. Oh, honey... I know what it's like! We are surrounded by a sea of incompetence. LOL!

    Hey, you! I am taking a sanity (or in this case insanity) break from my workmen. I had to get away. I know you know what I mean. Anyhow, just dropped by to spy on you and tell you I miss you. I hope to be blogging again soon if I don't run off and join the Peace Corp first.

    Love ya...


    Sheila :-)

  15. Hi Lou Cinda! I hate to even hear this...our government at work! lol I scrolled down and peeked at your finds, but could not take my eyes off of your mom's lambs...precious! Happy weekend...Debbie

  16. Oh my gosh! That sounds like a day in my life when parents call wanting to handle their children's stuff. It's called FERPA Laws, hello! I hope your weekend is much better!

  17. I am going through much of the same while dealing with health insurance claims and the doctor/hospital charges! While many of the employees of these businesses are knowledgeable, I cannot help but wonder where the majority of these people came from!They were either not trained or they forgot all they were taught because they have no customer service skills, no ability to answer or ask simple questions, NOTHING!! I hope I do not have to deal with a government office any time soon, because I know these places are much worse. Some days DO suck, don't they? Hope all is better now. Take care, toots! hugs, Sue

  18. I know when you were going through all of this mess you were NOT laughing....however, I was rolling on the floor, holding my sides. It's just so darn true, isn't it? I especially hate it when you have to answer a question to the "system" answer clearly. Them: I'm sorry, I didn't get that, can you say it again? do...and again they say the same dang thing....Now COME on.... I get so frustrated...and yelling probably doesn't help!

    You need a big 'ol hug for your trying day....


  19. Oh Lou Cinda,

    I am so sorry that you didn't get the memo that it was idiot appreciation day. :)

    Keep fighting the fight.

  20. Since I love coming over here often just to hear what you have to say, I'd like to pass a Blog Award on to you. Please visit for more info!

  21. Oh my...I"m sure you're glad that day is over! Sounds like a bad frustrating day!


  22. Sounds like a recent conversation I had with the VA when I was trying to ascertain the status of mom's claim we filed 10/27/09! So I won't reiterate our conversation but it sounds like the VA people work off the same script as the SS folks. My law firm also deals with SS and you are so right, an individual can't ever win w/o an attorney. Wonder how much money those folks make? I'd like their job!!!



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