Thursday, April 15, 2010


I am still here!!  Barely……

I have been busy doing some things around the house.  I made this wreath from hydrangeas….since that is my favorite flower!


It was messy as the dickens to make….hydrangea flowers were everywhere!


But I do love it!  Just don’t move it!  It will shed….



I made the bow out of the stuff you use for upholstery webbing.


My birdcage, ready for spring….



I found the little rocking chair at the GW and painted it black…added the bird and a couple of nests.  The little eggs I found out in the yard the other day…


A key and tag finish her off!

This is the bedroom carpet before…ugly, UGLY green…..


AFTER!!  Fresh neutral carpet!  This is the only room in our house that has carpet….


It looks soooooo much bigger and brighter in here now!  I will say though, it was a BEAR getting all the furniture and everything out to get the carpet installed….a pain….but worth it!


A little update!

We found another car for Seth!  He is mobile again, and that is a good thing…I guess…I wish he was two years old and in a stroller!  However, that is not the case….

He is 20 years old and apparently termed “High Risk” now…

According to Alfa Insurance anyway….and they call the shots…

They are cancelling his insurance in August when our policy renews…isn’t that just ducky??

No…it isn’t.   We pay insurance for flippin EVER!  Then, heaven forbid you have to use it….

We are sorry but he is “high risk”….cancelled…

Hey Seth!

Welcome to reality sweetie…..



  1. Love your wreath. Sometimes the mess is worth it!


  2. Your wreath turned out perfect... and I love the bird cage all ready for spring.

    The bedroom looks so relaxing..

  3. I am SO glad that Seth is OK and up and around! That is awful about the insurance....GRRRR!

    I am seriously in love with the, if you just happen to notice it missing....DO NOT come to my house looking for it! LOL


    Robin :o)

  4. Love your wreath! See, that's why I use fake flowers. Some of the hydrangea ones are pretty well done. Just in case you touch yours and it sheds itself to pieces and you want to make another one. ; ) Love the birdcage with the key and the tag.

  5. Sound glad Seth is okay, but that is horrible about his insurance. It would be nice if they could stay little a little bit longer!
    Hydrangea's are my very favorite and I just love your wreath!

  6. Beautiful wreath! I love hydrangeas too. I have a plant in my garden that I love to clip them from, but know what you mean. They shed very easy!

  7. Your projects all look great Lou Cinda. I love the wreath! Your new carpet is gorgeous too.

    That car insurance thing sounds like a nightmare to me. Sometimes I get all bent out of shape about my boys driving. I worry about the things that could happen to them or someone else. Sheesh! One of Tanner's friends totalled his car day before yesterday. He ran a stop sign and was broadsided on his side. He wasn't hurt thank goodness. One more thing to worry about!

  8. The wreath is sooo pretty! and the bird cage is darling:)
    Insurance can be such a bummer...I feel like they own us- or disown us...whatever they'd like!!

  9. My daughter is getting her license next month and it makes me so nervous to think of her driving without me there!

    Love the wreath! Hydrangeas are my very favorite flower!


  10. Glad you're back! Love all your projects. The upholstery strapping was such a good idea, it suits the wreath perfectly.

  11. Love all your projects! The tag and key on bird cage are so sweet! Totally relate to having a 20 year old. I worry about our insurance too. Your comment about the stroller really made me laugh. Don't I wish!

  12. Love all the new creations! You are so talented!! Glad you son is on the road again too. Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Wreath looks great and the carpet too! Nice to spruce things up. Isn't that the truth about insurance. They LOVE ya until ya need them and then they cancel ya or charge ya 2 times as much!! Have a great weekend. The Twins

  14. Beautiful wreath! And how fitting that you made it with Hydrangeas! Love the new carpet too! I'm like you...sometimes blogging has to stop as life takes!!

  15. What a gorgeous wreath. I adore the bow.

    Thank you so very much for your recent kind thoughts and comments.

  16. I can smell that new carpet girl!!!! ;)
    Looks fabulous!

    And the wreath? My favorite flower in the whole wide world!!! Love it!!! oh...let it shed, let it shed, let it shed! (after all, I'd much rather hydrangea leaves than glitter!)

    Poor poor Seth...but he's still breathing! He might be broke later...but thank God he's still breathing!!!! :)

    Now Lou Cinda, go feed your bird ~ I hear it chirping. oh ;)

  17. Looks like you've been busy. Me too. Haven't had much time for my blog or visiting blogs lately.

    We've been to that "high risk" party as well. They tried to cancel my youngest son after his second wreck. We managed to get him in a high risk pool (at a cost, of course).

    He's now 28, married, with a new baby, and he's off our payroll. And he's no longer "high risk." This too shall pass!

  18. Love your wreath Lou Cinda! It reminds me of my front door wreath. Love too the bird cage.
    Just glad your son is ok.

  19. Very fun wreath. You have been busy in a fun way too, it looks like. Thanks for sharing your latest projects. Love 'em!


  20. Hi Lou Cinda, I just came by for another peek of your lovely blog. I missed the birdcage at my last visit, I just adore it, giving me more ideas, thank you. I'm so thankful that your son is okay. God is good. Thank you for visiting and leaving your sweet comment on my garden tray centerpiece for "Mother's Day"!


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