Friday, November 18, 2011

It’s in the Details…

I have been busy busy trying to get my Christmas decorating done….and I am a long way from done!!  But I realized I had not posted my finds at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta, so I thought I would do that.  As you may (or may not) know, I love the “smalls”….those little treasures that I can tuck into a little nook or cranny that just adds that something extra….it’s all about the details…so I suppose that is why I am drawn to the little things…..

Can you guess what I purchased in this photo?  The wasp nest….I LOVE these!  Steve looked at me like I had three heads when I took this out….he said, “I have torn many of those down and thrown them away.”  I said, well, don’t throw them away anymore….they are valuable!  I love their texture….




I also love old millinery….I’m not sure if I spelled that right….all I know is I love them…

those velvety leaves are just perfect!



I also got the basket with more flowers under the dome… it!



and these clothespins….



Little things you an just tuck anywhere….

It was dark and hard to get a good picture of my lamp….I love my lamp!  It’s RED!



You know I am freaky for little chairs too…

I got this one at Hobby Lobby…the little silver birds were my mom’s :)…I miss her…




The “Sadie”…I have been trying to get a photo of her FOREVER but she isn’t still long enough…..she is in CONSTANT motion….my other three “old” cats look at her like “what is WRONG with that cat?”

As you can see I was unpacking the Christmas “stuff”…


Hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend….I have high hopes….

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)



  1. I love all your little finds! The red lamp is so cute! I'm just starting to take out a few Christmas boxes from the attic. I think you're way ahead of me!

  2. Just came across your blog and just love it....Your finds are wonderful! Love the texture of the wasps nest also. I am one of your newest followers....Hope you will follow me on my blog....I have only been blogging for over 7 months now....Have met so many nice people....Getting ready to move into my new home in a couple of months from now...Love blogging and all the inspiration!

  3. I love the flowers, they look so pretty tucked here and there. The wasp nest...I don't know. I get them in my mailbox and they are not a nice surprise. But I will be happy to save some for you!

    I love the lamp, too, it's pretty!


  4. Yes, I get the three heads look, too. Love the nest. That is huge. I have a hornets nest that my hubby needs to get down. He thinks I am crazy.

  5. Everything is looking pretty!

    I am thinking I am going to drag out my Christmas decorations this weekend and start getting ready!


  6. Beautiful Lou Cinda! I LOVE that pic with the lamp on. Martina

  7. Nope, can't do the wasp me the willies to look at it! I am deathly afraid of stuff like that! I do like your other stuff though! I like that red lamp! I won't be decorating for the holidays until after Thanksgiving. I get overwhelmed just thinking about getting everything ready for that big meal! It usually takes me a full week to get everything up so I don't want to be rushed. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Lou Cinda!~Hugs, Patti

  8. I love the smalls, too, Lou Cinda! They do tuck in anywhere and they are usually less expensive and you can carry more! : ) I LOVE that lamp! What a great find! Your little birds look great with the chair. It's nice that you have them out and can remember your Mom every time you look at them. I'm not decorating until Black Friday, but I will wish you luck with yours. I still have to gather all my boxes and bins together!

  9. I actually envy you being able to start on your Christmas deco'. I won't be starting until December...phooey!
    Love everything you found including the wasp nest. Tell Steve not to feel like the lone stranger. Believe it or not...Cat Daddy doesn't get it either and hates when I drag in a bird's nest or two!
    P.S. I miss my mom too.

  10. What a totally charming grouping. I love your wasp's nest too. They are actually quite intricate and beautiful. I also love your mom's little birds... they're precious...


  11. I agree - the wasp nest is way cool. Love the texture and repetitive pattern.

    I won't start Christmas decorating until we move into the old farmhouse. Can't wait!

  12. Each time I visit you, I just always think you've got the touch. I'm very sure that we could have a great time shopping together. :)

    I love, love, love your red lamp!! The chair is adorable...I'm going to Hobby Lobby today. Keep it up!

  13. Lou Cinda,
    Great finds!!!
    I literaly laughed out loud when you wrote that your husband looked at you like you had three heads! Believe's a male gene thing...I get that look from "Mr. Ed", too!!! Your little Sadie is beautiful, dear! Now I'm intriqued as to what hues you'll use for Christmas???

  14. Lou Cinda,

    I love all your "little touches", they add so much warmth to your already cozy home.



  15. Just three heads? Girl you always keep me laughing:) GREAT nest and I love your silver birds.


  16. LOVE it.... LOVE ALL of it... especially that fabulous lamp.... how terrific is that little beauty? YUMMY.....


  17. Lou Cinda, All of your little vignettes are just to die for! I love your new wasp nest- aren't we just so silly for liking them? What a cool lamp in the kitchen and those birds- oh my- I am coveting them! Oh, and what a cutie pie little mousie! Happy Turkey Day, my friend!
    gobble gobble.....

  18. I love your vignettes! Your lamp is gorgeous too.


  19. OH NO! Are you sure Sadie is Sadie and not the Zoe that lives here?!?! Oh I sure hope it's a Sadie - because the Zoe that lives here is a Princess Zoe and oh your life would be spent catering to her every whim. Tell me you have a Sadie and I can stop saying whisker prayers for you.....

    I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Leg Day. Be sure and give each and every kitty their fair share of turkey. It is healthy you know ;)


    Romeo and "her"

  20. Wow! You found some great stuff! I love wasp nest as well! I'm always picking them up when I can find them. And I love, love, love that red lamp, the shade is perfect! Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. What awesome finds! LOVE the red lamp...I mean LOVE! Looks like you had a great time. Have fun holiday decorating now:)!

  22. What lovely things you found. The fabric flowers are so pretty, especially the red one. I never thought of collecting those, what a good idea! Have fun with you holiday decorating.(-:

  23. Arrrggghhhhh! I love everything! The beautiful millinery flower, the mousey, the domed basket *swoons* And that lamp! And best of all those precious little silver birds from your mom.....And of course THE Sadie! *winks* Vanna

  24. Love how you display things!!
    Sweetest little tree, and love how you put the b=fabric flowers under a dome.



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