Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak Peek…

I have been crazy busy working on my bedroom…I said I was just going to do a few things and Springify it a bit, but we all know that one thing leads to another to another to another…..the one thing that is finished is the bed skirt…


Love the fabric….


If you have read my blog at all, you probably know that I “think” I can do anything…..even sew….HA!

Alas, I CANNOT!  I get so frustrated it isn’t even funny….this bedskirt, which is stapled on a board which I slide between the mattress and box springs took me….I’m not even going to tell you how long it took me…..

okay, I will….


I am an idiot in the sewing world!  I admit it!  The simplest things take me the longest time to figure out…I swear, Steve get’s so upset when I work myself up into such a tizzy!  By the time it was done, I had thrown the staple gun, a million staples littered the den…(because they wouldn’t go in the board) and I gently “tossed” a hammer…..JUST BE’IN REAL!

But I did accomplish the said task at hand….


Sewing machines…….hate me…

A lil peak at what else is going on in there….



How did that get in there??  My cutie patootie Cammie Pie :)


Pitching….they won….YAY!!


This weekend is Prom weekend and Cameron and his girlfriend Malory, go to different high schools and as luck would have it BOTH of their proms are this weekend….one is Friday night…the other Saturday night…busy weekend ahead…..

Stay tuned….I am going to attempt to sew again this weekend at some point…..

Lord help me….and Steve!


  1. You are SO cute!! And honest. Now I know there is a reason I quit sewing when I couldn't figure out how to thread the darn machine!! lol!

    I do like the skirt, a lot. I am doing curtains in a ticking stripe, too. I can't wait to see what else you are doing! This is really the time to springify! Except we have some snow on the way. Sigh...


  2. Poor Steve! And, poor you, Lou Cinda! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at "I won't even tell you how long . . ." ; ) LMAO, that you say "shut up", even to your own stuff! It looks great though and you did it yourself ~ you should feel proud and accomplished. I want to see that window now; did you use it as a headboard?

  3. Lou Cinda, I love your bedskirt fabric. Your bedskirt and the quilted cover over it is so close to the way my bed looks now, too, but I didn't make mine.

  4. Love the bedskirt. Ticking is a personal fav. Now I doubt you can mess up a sewing machine as good as I can~
    Don't give up. The bedroom is looking good so far.

  5. Lou Cinda I love the bedskirt and the quilt can't wait to see more!! I wish I knew how to sew! Martina

  6. The bedskirt looks great! I love the ticking...I want to see what you're going to do with that window! And wow...two proms in one weekend...those are going to be a couple tired kids!!

  7. Hi, I'm loving what i see!! The bedskirt looks fabulous,and i love the bedspread too.I feel the same way you do sometimes with the sewing machine.


  8. Lou Cinda I know the feeling! But that bedskirt looks mahvelous! However you had to get er done *winks* And the bedding is divine! Two proms in one week is a busy one. Thank goodness your "Cammie Pie" is young enough to take it!LOL! Vanna

  9. It looks beautiful to me!! So what if it took 7 hrs. - you accomplished the project and it turned out great. I can't tell you how many things I start and then give up on!!
    You will be busy with two proms this weekend. Now that Alex is out of high school I forget that this is prom time!
    Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  10. It's looking good Lou Cinda! Love what I'm seeing so far. You did an awesome job on the bedskirt. Looking forward to seeing it when you're all done.

    Enjoy your evening,

  11. You go girl! The bedskirt looks great. Even though I happen to have an inside track on what is up with your new look I just love reading your blog. SHUT UP...I can't help it you are just so funny.
    I haven't even taken my sewing machine off the shelf and out of the box yet. I was to afraid to tackle anything yet. My Home Economics teacher would be ashamed of me for this.
    Love the pictures of baby Cammie Pie he is just so cute.

  12. Hey Sweet Lou Cinda!!! YOU CAN SEW GIRL!!! Whip that sewing machine into submission and show it who's BOSS!!.....and if it whips you back...well there is always stitch witch or hot glue or duct tape (when used with the greatest of care can be hidden from the most discerning eye, I might add!) It looks fabulous!! I love the fabric! I have recently been trying my hand at sewing as well......I will keep you in my prayers! ;) Happy!!!

  13. OK, before reading this post, I was thinking about buying a basic sewing machine and trying my hand at sewing a few straight lines here and there....NOPE, not going to do it now! HAHA! Everything looks great so far and can't wait to see the finished product, especially since my Spring bedroom makeover was a big FLOP! HAHA!

  14. Hey girl stop making fun of your sewing skills - the bedskirt looks great - love the fabric. I am about to make one and by George, stapling to a board sounds tempting!
    Cant' wait to see the whole room.

  15. You so funny, Lou Cinda! Keep it up girlfriend and you're going to get the hang of sewing. Your bedskirt looks wonderful! :)
    You son is a doll! I remember my kid's prom days.
    Be a sweeite,
    Shelia ;)

  16. How exciting for your son and his girlfriend! Oh and sewing is not for me. I love stitch witch though:)

  17. Hey Hot Mama!
    You're so funny! I'm working on a project now for a client with biege/tan ticking, burlap, the works... I've seen what you can do, so stop kicking yourself, girl! But I get it, sometimes I make things harder than they have to be, because I am trying to make things SO perfect....
    If I can ever give you advice on a project, please don't hesitate to ask...
    I love my sewing machines, and give them all names. I can help you to become the "sewing machine whisperer". Yeah... cause "we" are good like that. Can I get a witness?

  18. Lol..LouCinda you're a riot! At least you got it done girl! It looks great, love that fabric too!
    I've thrown a few hammers in my day~ feels good doesn't it?

  19. Looking good Lou Cinda! I think the skirt turned out great...hang in there with the sewing!~Hugs, Patti

  20. Lou Cinda -
    I can't sew. Never learned. It makes no sense!
    One day I'll tackle it.

    xo J.

  21. Oh my goodness you are one funny lady. I love the way you write your had me belly laughing. Thanks I needed it too! Your blog is lovely and I appreciate how difficult sewing is for you...I don't even bother cause I am sooo awful at it. I will be back to visit.

  22. You crack me up Lou Cinda. Just don't stitch through a finger or anything like that! I did that when I learned to sew in third grade and I can remember that it didn't feel good! LOL
    I do like your ticking bedskirt. I'm sitting on needles (no pun intended) to see what you will be creating! hugs, Sue

  23. Just in case you have been living in a cave...they have these people called seamstress's and they will take the frustration out of life :) Cause I am of the belief that sometimes you just need a professional and then you can spend the time you would have been cussing and throwing..... having a beer and putting your feet up. Just saying. :)

  24. This was such a cute post! I am new to your blog and am glad I found it. Your bed skirt looks awesome!Love that fabric and pattern.

  25. Prom!! So pretty. We spelled our daughters name as: Mallorie. Actually, it was mostly, the hubby's idea. He LOVED the name.
    Another thing we have in common is that I can't sew a lick, either. But did I go out and buy a sewing machine? I sure did.
    Pray for me. This will probably not turn out well. For anyone.

  26. This dust ruffle may have caused you to throw the staple gun, but it is SOOOOOO cute! I love it!


    Sheila :-)

  27. OMG Lou Cinda!! I literally laughed out loud!!!

    I SO feel your pain! For me it's all about the bobbin!!!! They hate me. They always get all tangled up and it's just a mess. I throw huge hissy fits and cuss at's not pretty. LOL That's why I don't even try anymore. :)


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