Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’m Seeing Red….

Literally, I am seeing red….

I painted my island, which was previously green…I just decided that I needed a little pop of color in my kitchen and I had been thinking about painting the island red anyway….soooooo Sunday afternoon, I got the paint that I used to paint my front door and just got to it…


the trim was already black, and I just left that alone…

this is the back…


I have thought about wiping a glaze on the island, but I’m not sure….  That little appliqué thingy was a dickens to paint around let me tell you…it’s glued on there…really, really, well…


This is the frame and print I got at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for $2.  I took down the rooster prints I had here and hung this picture.  Kathy at Creative Home Expressions and I had discussed doing this and I took her advise.  She is such a doll!

What do you think Kathy? 

I hung some plates around it because this is such a LARGE wall, the picture just looked lonely without something else.  I am not sure about the platter on the top…it’s “iffy”


I repainted the black part of the frame as it was pretty dinged up.  I painted it while it was hanging on the wall. 

What?  You don’t do that??


I found these plates at T.J. Maxx and loved them…they also had them in black… I hung them on the wall beside the print but noooooooo it didn’t work!  So I put them in this little basket…


101_0846Well, that is just a small inkling of some changes I have made around here in anticipation of summer!

I STILL want to paint my cabinets and Steve told me he could spray the doors and drawers which would make it a whole lot easier!  I just DREAD doing it!  I HATE to paint! 

Go figure….

But I do have visions of creamy cabinets with a glaze to age it…which would naturally lead to changing the countertops…which…would lead to changing the floor…. I am still pondering…

Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. Lou Cinda,
    Your RED island looks outstanding!Iluv those plates with your THRIFTY print...keep the platter on the top...looks great!


  2. Love that red island!!! The splashes of red you have added in your decor add the perfect touch! I love red...it says a lot about you...about your boldness and sense of adventure. Way to go! Now, invite me over for dinner and let me see it close up! :)

  3. LOL...painted the frame while it was hanging on the wall. And I thought I was THE laziest painter. It all looks darling. Love the red plates and platter. Maybe you could find two smaller odd shaped plates to hang on either side of the platter...or not.
    Good job...have fun with the rest of the kitchen
    p.s. and Why AM i not ON your blog LIST? HMM>?

  4. I love the red island! That's a great way to get that color in there. You do a great job decorating!

  5. One change leads to another doesn't it. Love the red island. You did a fantastic job. I like all five plates with the picture.

  6. The island looks so pretty painted red! I never would have thought of red but I like it!

    And I love Kathy but then I'm probably a little biased as she is my big sis! =)


  7. I love red so I love your island! It looks great! I bet that applique was a headache to paint around!! Good job!


  8. I want creamy cabinets with a glaze, too, Lou Cinda! Send Steve over to my house when he's done with yours! : ) As for the picture, I don't just like it, I love it! Sometimes it's nice to have a change and then you can always put the rooster prints up in a few months again.

  9. I love what you've done with all these projects! I like the red platter above the painting as well as it creates an arch-like look to the entire wall area. Great job!

  10. When you say pop of color you mean it! The red looks terrific!

  11. I have always been a huge fan of red so I LOVE the island! Great choice on hanging the plates with the picture too...they are a perfect touch.
    You have been one busy gal!!

  12. Oh sweet Lou Cinda...I am in love with your island. It is beautiful and really adds the punch of color to your kitchen! Luv it luv it luv it.

  13. Girl...red is one of my favorite colors. It just oozes excitement...even in the kitchen. Love the way your mind is going...thanks for taking me along.
    P.S. My son would iron his shirt while wearing it...is that the same thing as your painting the frame?

  14. I think you found the perfect spot for it, Lou Cinda! Oh, honey, it looks great with your plates, too! And I like the rooster plate... very, very cute! And your island looks WONDERFUL in its new red dress. Come to my house next. I need HELP!


    Sheila :-)

  15. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your changes! The red is fantastic!!!


    Robin :o)


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