Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some New Stuff

I have been crazy busy the last few weeks and  I apologize for my tardiness here in the blog world.  I have been visiting your blogs and trying to keep up with the wonderful things you all are doing though!

You guys keep me inspired….

First up are two precious snowmen that Jane at Mamie Janes sent to me.  If you have never visited her blog, I strongly encourage you to go there!  She is creative and talented beyond words!!  I have loved these snowmen ever since she posted about them back before Christmas!  I mean I REALLY loved them and it was to the “covet” phase.  I got a package in the mail the other day and inside……


Were these!!!

Jane sent them to me because she KNEW how much I loved them!Are these not the most adorable things you have ever seen????  I SO love them!!  Thank you so much Jane!!!!  You are the best!

Then from Donna at The Decorated House I ordered these two prints.  Beau and Abigail.  I LOVE them!!!  I am a rabbit person, if you didn’t know….not the Roger Rabbit type, not that there is anything wrong with Roger Rabbit mind you….but I like a more classy type rabbit.  lol  Donna has an Etsy shop that is WONDERFUL!

Here is Beau….


And Abigail…

And together….


I bought the frames and mats at Hobby Lobby…50% off of course!

Here is the geranium print I got for a dollar at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago.  I got another frame and mat at Hobby Lobby…


Yeah, I know….another rabbit…I can’t help it…


This is the other side of the mantle.  My mantle is VERY long!


My bedroom is in a state of chaos!  We are having new carpet installed Tuesday, and Steve pulled up the old carpet today…it is attractive in there now, let me tell you.  I finished the trim on my lampshade that I covered and made this runner to go on my night stand….



I used fabric I had left over from the bed skirt and lampshade projects.  I glued on some trim and two buttons…


This is my favorite pot!!  Notice the mega CRACKS??  I have had this pot for years and decided to wash it today…As I was drying it off I dropped it in the sink and B~R~O~K~E it~~hence the cracks cos’ honey I glued her back together….looks like the wrath doesn’t it?  I may try to do a paint treatment on it to try and hide all the cracks…I am TRULY the clumsiest person I know!!


Another rabbit….

Last but not least, I had seen on a blog one day how she covered the ugly labels on candles…so I did the same thing….I wish I could remember which blog it was, I would gladly give her credit…


Same fabric and some twine…

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I will try to do better in the future on my posting!  I do have an interesting story to share and will do that later this week!

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  1. I know what you mean about a classier looking bunny, Lou Cinda. I am the same way! Sometimes I feel like a bunny snob, but they have to look a certain way for me.

    Just think of all the thrifting I missed out on before I decided to see what all that talk of Goodwill was all about!

  2. Woo girl, you been busy! Love the bunnies, totally stealing 'cover the ugly label' idea too.

    Thanks for linkin' up!

  3. I think the rabbit pot looks fine with the cracks, it now has a story to it.

  4. Hey, Miss Cutie Patootie! I love your bunnies! That reclining one is my fave, but I love them all. The pics... SO cute! And I like the cute candle you made, too, as well as the snowmen.

    I've been MIA, too, and I'm back just to speak before I run off for a few weeks. Long story that I explained on my blog, but I really would appreciate your prayers.

    Sending love and hugs your way, Lou Cinda...


    Sheila :-)

  5. Hi Lou Cinda,
    You are too nice...thanks for the mention about the snowmen on your post today! I am so happy that you like them.
    Sounds like you have been one busy lady! Sorry about the pot breaking but I think it adds age and character!
    Have a great week.

  6. Hey Girl, this blogger no picture stuff is a mess. thanks for adding me, I'm doing the same on mine with you. I'll come back when I can see your cute photos!

  7. Lou Cinda,
    I'm a bunny collector also...and I do like your bunny pictures...but a few wouldn't load...your bedroom projects take my eye also. I like red check...

    Recently I bought a blue and white French pot when we were in Chattanooga...a few days later a grandchild broke it...I was so was in so many pieces. Painstakenly I spent hours glueing it back is a long way from being perfect...but a lesson in it, God didn't throw me away with by brokeness...I can still be useful.

    Elmer is one of my dearest friends(with 8 grandchildren) mantra has always been, "please pick up the pieces for Me."

    Happy Easter...Betty @ Country Charm

  8. Bee-You-Tee-Full! I have had Beau and Abigail on my wishlist for a while, myself. I, too, am a rabbit-not-bunny girl. I'm dropping by from Cottage Instincts and am your newest follower. I hope to see you back at my place soon! until later...

  9. Oh my are you all dressed up for Easter!! So sweet! Love the saltshaker idea!!

    bee blessed

  10. Everything looks great! You're really sprucing up the place. Looks like spring.

  11. The rabbits are really out this week and rightly so. Yours are lovely. Hope you'll drop by and see our lavender fantasy bath. -- Jane F.

  12. Oh I love your bunny pot, that is just so sad that you dropped it:( I do think painting it or maybe adding that verdigree (SP?) look to it would hide the cracks a bit but it's still so incredibly adorable with the cracks!!

  13. Ooh I love the stone rabbit just laying on your desk, so cute!

  14. You have been busy, and you've received and created some fabulous treasures. I think I'd leave the flower pot "as is" and tell people it was a vintage find. laurie

  15. Hi Lou Cinda, thanks for stopping by! I love all your rabbits, I collect a few too! My paint color you asked about is called Cappuccino by Restoration Hardware. Oh, and the snowmen are so cute! Deb

  16. I love rabbits too and all of yours are so cute! Love the cute shade and runner in your bedroom. We have very similar tastes!

  17. Lou Cinda,
    I just luv all your CUTE bunnies! How sweet of Jane to send you such a cute gift...she is a real sweetheart:) Maybe you saw the candle idea on one of my NTT highlights...Sherry@Creations From My Heart had a real pretty one...I'm like to get ideas from other gals!

    Happy Easter!

  18. Hi Lou Cinda :)

    All your bunnies are precious! I'm sorry about your pot though. I'm a clumsy gal myself LOL

    Thank you for your sweet words my friend! YOU rock too! ;)


  19. Dear Lou Cinda,
    I love the cracked pot as is. It says "I have been loved and kept."
    Happy Easter

  20. Awwww, I love bunnies, I collect them too! Why don't ya pop over, my last post has a sampling of my snowmen collection. They melt my heart...heeehehe! I wanted to wish you a very happy Easter weekend, sweetie.

    God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!


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