Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wonderful Marty at A Stroll Thru Life is having a PARTY!!
A Fall Cloche Party! I have a few cloche's, though they are hard to find in my neck of the woods! I don't know why, but I will share what I have.....

First up, my rabbit with her lil' punkin...

PLEASE forgive the flash, it is the best I can do! Out of all 200 photos I took, both with and without the flash, these are the best...

Oops! No cloche here, but there is a pumpkin and that is fall....pretend there is a lovely cloche over this one...

Here we, more rabbits....

ANOTHER rabbit....he is ready for fall with his pumpkin on his back and a LARGE acorn....

Stupid flash...

Can you tell I LOVE rabbits?? Yeah, thought so! To see some really gorgeous cloche's all adorned for Fall, "hop" on over to Marty's and check them all out!!


  1. I love the rabbit with the punkin! So cute. :)

  2. Hi Lou Cinda! Oh, everything is so charming! I love your little rabbits all ready for fall under the cloches. Lift the glass domes every now and then so the bunnies can take a big ole deep breath! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Loved seeing all your bunnies girl...I also hate the flash thingy...Looks great...May you have a great weekend....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  4. I love rabbits - they are so cute, and really like the way you put them in cloches! Well done! Linda

  5. What's not to love about a rabbit. Cute cloches.

  6. Oh Lou Cinda I so love the tall rabbit with the little pumpkin in his basket. How sweet is that? I so love the height on this cloche. Height is hard to find. So many ideas with that cloche. You did a marvelous job, and you know I would have thought you love rabbits or something? Humm who would've thought. Loved it sweetie. Please stop by and let me share with you. Country hugs, Sherry

  7. Oh I love your rabbits too. They are so cute and I love them all. How clever to put the cute pumpkins and the acorn with them. The pumpkin on the pedestal is just so creative. What a wonderful idea and yes I did pretend there was a cloche over it. lol Thank you so much for joining the party, I really appreciate it and I've loved seeing all of your creativity. Hugs, Marty

  8. Those glittery pumpkins are so fun!

  9. I totally can envision a cloche over the pumpkin. Maybe it is just suggestion? Either way, I looooove it!! Wonderful job!!

  10. Hi there, Lou Cinda. I have to say my favorite is the pumpkin without the cloche ... mostly cause it's just such a beautiful photograph ... the little sheep are so cute!

    OK ... you asked how I attached the birds ... nothing as exotic as you suggested! One's hanging by the loop on its back. The other one ... well, I finally gave up and used a twist tie around its little neck. I twisted the ends around a wire on the side of the cage. Then I "cheated" and erased the loop and the twist tie with the clone feature of PhotoSuite.

    Hope you don't think badly of me! Do you think there's a society for the prevention of cruelty to fake animals???

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Hi Lou Cinda, I love bunny rabbits, so I was happy to see yours both under and without the glass! I, too, have a vivid imagination... I love the ginormous acorn and the both the sugared and the sparkly pumpkins. I liked Shelia's comment to let those bunnies take a big breath every so often. She is a hoot! Thanks for coming by to see my cloches. Because several people asked, I'm doing a short tutorial on the leaf ball mid-week if I can get the butt in gear. *grin* Enjoy your weekend. It is glorious weather here in Ohio! Perfect for football!
    hugs, Sue

  12. I love your rabbits too!! It was a sweet surprise to see rabbits and pumpkins here today. I hope you have a super great weekend and it was nice to meet you. ~ Lynn

  13. Hi Lou Cinda...

    Ooohh...I love bunnies!!! What pretty cloches! My favorite is that tall cloche with the big bunny! He's absolutely adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your pretties with us today for Marty's party!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Fall!

  14. Oh how cute! I didn't even think of putting something so whimsical underneath a cloche! Very creative!

  15. Lou Cinda,
    These whimsical rabbits are so perfect for you! I smile every time I come across your thumbnail pix.
    I participated in the cloche party last go round, and had a heck of a time getting a decent photo with my pitiful point and shoot camera.
    enjoy, Cathy

  16. Who would have thunk it? Rabbits and pumpkins. I love it. Hope everything is going well. I think of you often.


  17. I don't think you like rabbits, Lou Cinda! Those cloches are fabulous. You know I heard, and I think it works for me...if you are taking a picture with glass, stand back and zoom in. It's not perfect, but better. Never use the flash.

    Have a great weekend!! ;-)


  18. Just too cute for words! I like your whimsical take on the rabbits with pumpkins!

  19. I love bunnies, too. These are lovely cloches...
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  20. Your cloche display is just fantastic! Your rabbits are so sweet.

  21. Oh my gosh, I love those rabbits! We always think "Spring" for rabbits, but they are super cute all done up for fall...really love it.

  22. Those rabbits are just too cute! I love your little pumpkin, too!


    Robin :o)

  23. Even with the stupid flash they are just beautiful. I just want to run out and do nothing for the rest of the week but look for cloches and cloche idea :-)

    Have a great week!

  24. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I love the background on your blog. Your bunnies are too cute. Isn't blogging so much fun. I will peak in again.

  25. Thank you for the sweet comment! I like your rabbits! The pictures are great, don't knock your self!!!

  26. love bunnies too! I like the acorn at the foot of the trecking bunny in the last 1. TFS

  27. Oooh!! Rabbits! Gotta love rabbits and why not? Around here they live happily all decked for every season! Rabbits love Fall too!

    Your decor is always so, so pretty!


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