Sunday, August 22, 2010


As promised….this is the before picture of my patio furniture and cushions…hideous I know….really, really ugly….


The furniture was a pale yellow and then I found this CUTE fabric at Goodwill and though my first instinct was to paint the furniture black, I didn’t…I opted for this disgusting green color…


What was I thinking???


notice the built in benches….they were here when we bought the house…I think they take up too much room…


The fabric…   :)  love the dragonflys and ladybugs…


They are NOT perfect, but they work and I am happy with them…I basically just made a big pillowcase for the old ugly cushion…


Steve pressure washed the deck…and the spindles…and the railing….and it was HOT!  But it looks like a brand new deck!  FOR REAL!


He took out the benches…it looks SO much better!  I still need to get some plants that can withstand heat indexes of oh…about 110 degrees cos’ that’s what we are having here….ridiculous!


THEN because we had not done enough already…I had cleaned house, painted the patio furniture AND mowed the lawn while Steve was pressure washing and removing benches and stuff…I decided to wallpaper one wall in my bathroom…

Now our bathroom is long and NARROW!  The wall at the end was just, well…ugly.  You can’t really hang anything on it (I’ve tried) because it gets knocked of when getting into or out of the shower.  So I went to Colours, a store here in town that used to carry ALOT of wallpaper….well, not so much anymore.  All they had was marked $1.99 a double roll…and I found this one with rabbits…you know I love rabbits…and the color was perfect….


The green is not photographing very well on the mirror and the vanity is the same color.  It is more of a sage green….


The wall next to it….I am sort of thinking that I should carry the paper on around to this wall…what do you think?  I think the shelf would pop more against the paper….”think” being the operative word here…



these soaps I love!  I get them at Dollar General for like a dollar a bar…these are lavender scented and they make the whole bathroom smell delish!  This crinkly paper I use everywhere!  I get it at Hobby Lobby and I think you are supposed to use it in gift bags…comes in a zillion colors…I like this brownish color…


A shot of the bedroom…I hung my favorite picture here…this picture hung in my bedroom as a child….my parents got it at an auction and I have always loved it….the lamp I got at a yard sale and I covered the shade…


We got ALOT accomplished this weekend and I am SO happy about it, since technically, we should have done it in MAY!!

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Kisses :)


  1. Wow, you got a LOT done... I'm jealous! Love the little lamb above.. my grandma had one like that!

  2. I adore the wallpaper - it is fabulous!!

  3. Hey Girl How are you--Good to see you and your great projects,

  4. Lovin' the black furniture...looks great on your deck!!! I have black furniture in my screen porch and I love hides the dirt:)


    Hop over and enter my GIVEAWAY…I think you will like it!

  5. you did do a lot!!! I love everything!!

  6. What a great job you did on those new yard furniture covers; I'm really impressed! And I love the bunny toile wallpaper in the bathroom.

  7. Hi LuCinda...I really like that rabbit wallpaper! Kind of toile but different with the cute rabbits! I would bring it on around the corner..I think it would look great! Thanks for the heads up on the lavendar soap! I love soaps to put out that make a bathroom smell good! Your patio furniture turned out great! I liked it both ways!~Hugs, Patti

  8. Wowee! You were SUPER DUPER busy! I like the wallpaper, your deck looks fab, the "new" furniture is great, and that lampshade is awesome! Despite(or maybe because of) the heat, you were one busy lady!(oh, and Steve too!) Great job!!

  9. My goodness you have been busy. I am inspired by your great projects!

  10. WOW girl! You have been BUSY! EVERYTHING looks fantastic! PS, if you are done with some of that creative energy, send some my way, will ya? LOL


    Robin :o)

  11. I am always so pleased when I feel like I got actual work done around the house, too, Lou Cinda! You guys did a lot this weekend! The deck looks great and I love your "new" furniture. I LOVE that wallpaper! I can't tell you whether or not you should bring it around, though, because I am biased loving the bunnies!

  12. Wow - what cute fabric on those porch chairs. Love the can't go wrong with that. Thanks for the info on the soap and squiggly paper stuff...I'm going to have to get some of that! Linda

  13. Looks great, as always! i would expect nothing less.

  14. Sounds like a very busy weekend! I just love your dragonfly and ladybug cute!

  15. Lou~ you have made me exhausted just reading all the wonderful things you did over the weekend! WOW! I love all the transformations. YOu deck and outdoor furniture is incredible. They look brand new!
    And I LOVE the rabbit paper. Good eye!
    Now if I could only get 1/10 the energy you have!

  16. My goodness were on a roll getting projects completed!!! Your deck looks fabulous. You two should be very proud of all you accomplished out there. I hope you got to sit out there and relax and enjoy all of your hard work....or maybe that should wait until it cools down a bit.
    The wallpaper looks great too. It was a great idea to add detail with wallpaper since you can't hang anything there. I would live with the paper on the one wall for awhile before papering the other wall. Give yourself a chance to really decide if the other wall needs to be papered.
    Hope your having a good week.

  17. Okay, I absolutely love the new fabric, but the wallpaper all in the same day? Wow!!! You were on a roll! Can I borrow some of that energy? :)


  18. Hi Lou Cinda, wow girl you've been busy little bees around there. I'm love your new fabric. So bright and cheery. Your bath looks so different without the paper.. aren't you loving the changes? I know sometimes we just get on a roll and keep right on going. Looking forward to seeing what else you've been up to. hugs ~lynne~

  19. Hi Lou Cinda, I love your new fabric with the black backdrop of the furniture. So classy looking. I adore the wallpaper.. I'm a huge bunny fan.. it stole my heart.
    hugs ~lynne~

  20. I love Rabbits too and ADORE your wallpaper.

  21. Isn't it nice to be able to finish some hard work and then be able to notice the difference? The deck looks AMAZING! I love the fabric you chose and taking those benches out made a big difference! You were so busy! The bathroom turned out great too! I hope you are just relaxing this coming weekend!

  22. Hi Lou Cinda! Wow, you did accomplish alot! You've just got to tell me what vitamins you're taking! :) I need some!
    Your cushions look great and it's hot and humid here too! It's been the hottest summer all over I think!
    I love that sweet wallpaper and it does look like you! I think I would go on around with it like you said. You've really dressed your shelf up nicely! I remember Yardley soaps and didn't know the dollar store sold them! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. That rabbit wallpaper is ADORABLE!!!

  24. I love your patio cushions. So beautiful!


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